Elden Ring: How To Defeat All Demi-Human Queens

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A warped cross between a dog and a human, Elden Ring's new demi-human race sets your heart palpitating with their earth-shattering screeches. If you think that the Demi-Human Chiefs found in Limgrave's Coastal Cave were terrifying, the Demi-Human Queens found in Altus Plateau and beyond present a far greater challenge.

With glowing purple eyes and a crown atop its head, Elden Ring's three Demi-Human Queens are certainly intimidating, but not impossible to defeat. We feel it would be remiss not to do an exhaustive outline of these Demi-Human Queens and how to defeat them once and for all.

Demi-Human Queens Overview

  • Demi-Human Queen Gilika: Lux Ruins, Altus Plateau
  • Demi-Human Queen Maggie: Hermit Village, Mount Gelmir
  • Demi-Human Queen Margot: Volcano Cave, Mount Gelmir
SummonsSpirit Ashes and Players
  • Gilika: 8500 Runes
  • Maggie: 13,000 Runes; Memory Stone; Golden Rune (1)
  • Margot: 11,000 Runes; Jar Cannon
Weak To
  • Physical Attacks
  • Bleed Attacks
  • Scarlet Rot Attacks
  • Fire Attacks
  • Poison Attacks

There are a total of three Demi-Human Queen bosses in The Lands Between. The first Demi-Human Queen could be found in Lux Ruins in Altus Plateau, with the nearest Site of Grace being Erdtree Gazing Hill Site of Grace. The rest are found in Hermit Village and Volcano Cave in Mount Gelmir, you can get there by Primeval Sorcerer Azur and Volcano Cave Site of Grace. All of these bosses are optional and have a generally similar move set, however, Demi-Human Queen Maggie in Hermit Village has a group of Glintstone Sorcerers to back her up.

When fighting a Demi-Human Queen, it is recommended to use a weapon upgraded to at least a +5, with a passive Bleed effect. Physical attacks, Scarlet Rot, fire, and poison are also effective against Demi-Human Queens. Using Spirit Ashes is recommended, especially for Demi-Human Queen Maggie.

Demi-Human Queen Attacks

Wielding a sorcerer's staff, the Demi-Human Queen bosses alternate between hard-hitting melee attacks to discharging Glintstone sorceries. Out of all of them, Maggie is the most difficult, mostly due to being inflicted with a barrage of Glintstone Pebbles and wide swings. Without further ado, here is a sweeping rundown of a Demi-Human Queen boss's attacks.

Demi-Human Queen Attacks

Scream Attack

The Demi-Human Queen boss will unleash a hellish scream, causing you to pause and stagger.

Counter: Roll as far away as possible from this attack.

Hand Slam Attack

The Demi-Human Queen will slam her left hand on the ground.

Counter: Back away or roll to the right.

Leap & Slam Attack

In the case of Gilika and Margot, the two will dispose of their staffs and go aggressive, leaping and slamming their bodies in your direction.

Counter: As soon as you see them leap, roll forward.

Leap & Bite Attack

The difference between this attack and the previous attack, this leap will be accompanied by a bite.

Counter: As soon as you see them leap, roll forward or to the side.

Upper Body Slam Attack

For Gilika and Margot, they will pull their arms up above their head before slamming their upper body and arms down.

Counter: Roll forward to the space between their legs, or simply roll into them.

Bite & Body Slam Attack

For this attack, the boss will bite and do a double body slam against the ground.

Counter: Roll as far away from this attack as possible.

Staff Slam & Drag Attack

For this attack, the boss will slam her staff before dragging it across the ground.

Counter: Roll backward or roll into the boss and start attacking its legs.

Staff Poke Attack

For this attack, they will rear their arm back before thrusting their staff forward and poking you with it.

Counter: Do a double jump on Torrent or roll to the side or forward into the boss (if on foot).

Demi-Human Queen Maggie's Special Attacks

Glintstone Pebble Attack

Maggie will send a single Glintstone Pebble your way.

Counter: Summon torrent and gallop away, or roll in the opposite direction.

Glintstone Burst Attack

Throughout the fight, Maggie will unleash an AoE attack in the form of a burst of Glintstone shards.

Counter: Get on Torrent and ride around the boss arena to avoid this attack.

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There are two varying strategies to consider when dealing with a Demi-Human Queen boss. Melee fighters should consider using a weapon that deals great physical damage or coat their weapons in Poison, Blood, or Rot Grease. As for ranged fighters, sorceries that deal Fire, Scarlet Rot or Poison damage do well against these bosses.

Melee Strategy

When dealing with Gilika and Margot, a weapon scaled to at least a +5 will allow you to deal with these bosses alone, as the damage meted out is more than sufficient. However, since Maggie has a group of Glintstone Sorcerers and fellow demi-humans to add to her defensive capabilities, summoning Spirit Ashes or fellow players is recommended. Spirit Ashes levelled up to +6 such as Skeleton Militiamen, Lone Wolf Ashes, or Lhutel the Headless to name a few, are perfect to deal with Maggie and her lackeys.

Only Maggie's boss fight allows you to fight on horseback, and it is recommended to equip Torrent's whistle to escape her AoE attacks. As mentioned before, coating your weapon with Scarlet Rot, Poison, and Blood Grease is recommended, as well as Ashes of War like Bloody Slash and Flaming Strike. Greatswords such as Bloodhound's Fang and Grafted Blade Greatsword are recommended, along with Uchigatana and Hookclaws.

Ranged Strategy

For ranged combatants, any type of sorcery that deals Scarlet Rot, Fire, or Poison is best. Sorceries that inflict tons of physical damage are also recommended, such as Rock Sling, Night Comet, or Great Glintstone Shard. If you have obtained Rotten Breath, then utilising this incantation will be effective against the Demi-Human Queens bosses.

You could also consider using Flame Sling or Magma Shot, as well as Poison Mist. Equipping your Flask of Wondrous Physick with Opaline Bubbletear to increase your defensive capabilities in the event you cannot evade in time is best. Using Spirit Ash summons or having your friends help out is recommended if you're having a hard time with any of the Demi-Human Queens.

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