Elden Ring: How To Get The Mimic Tear Ashes

Elden Ring brings players to the Lands Between, where the Tarnished begin their journey to defeat several bosses and become an Elden Lord. In these vast lands full of challenges, mysteries, and enemies, you will need to prepare your arsenal with different weapons, incantations, and summons.

One of these summons comes in the form of a Mimic Tear, a monster that can support you in battle by taking the same form as your character. This doppelganger will replicate your moves and equipment, and with it, your chances of survival in almost any fight regardless of its difficulty.

What Are The Mimic Tear Ashes?

The Mimic Tear Ashes is an item that, once you have obtained it, allows you to summon a Mimic Tear in battle. This creature will shapeshift to become an exact copy of your character, which means that it'll have access to every single resource in your arsenal, proving itself very useful in almost any situation, regardless of its difficulty.

Summoning the Mimic Tear will consume HP, but not FP, and it will make use of the following parts of your equipment:

  • Weapons
  • Armor
  • Talismans
  • Spells/Incantations
  • Arrows/Bolts
  • Consumables

Where To Find The Mimic Tear Ashes

The Mimic Tear Ashes can be found in Nokron, Eternal City, in a chest behind an imp statue in the Night's Sacred Ground zone. To access this place, you must first defeat the Mimic Tear boss and keep going until finding a room guarded by an imp statue, and to properly enter the room with the chest you need two Stonesword Keys that help you to open that zone. Once you're done with it, you'll have this powerful summon available for use, but first, let's talk a bit about the boss fight.

Mimic Tear Boss Fight

As stated before, the Mimic Tear can shape-shift into an exact copy of your character and several parts of your equipment. This is also true when you have to face him as an enemy, and you need to be very careful because the more powerful you are, the more difficult it'll be to beat it. It will have access to all your moves and equipped weapons, so be careful and patient, and try to beat it as fast as possible, before giving it too many chances of turning your own arsenal and resources against you.

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