Elden Ring Is Being Review Bombed On Steam

As February nears its end, the last big launch of what has been a wildly busy month for the video game world has arrived in the form of Elden Ring. Reviews for the game dropped earlier this week and by all accounts, FromSoftware's newest offering is one of the best games of all time. It was even officially the very best on OpenCritic for a short while and is still right up there.

If you were on the fence about picking up a copy of Elden Ring this week, odds are the glowing reviews across the board will have convinced you to bite the bullet. Now the rest of the world has had a chance to play it, however, some are highlighting that it might not be the perfect masterpiece it has been framed as for the past few days.

The problems with Elden Ring appear to be almost exclusively on the PC version of the game. That's judging by its Steam page where its review scored currently sits on mixed, a far cry from the 97 it currently has on Metacritic. According to the negative reviews, the problems PC players are having aren't with the gameplay or the themes, but with the lack of stability and the game not running very smoothly.

There are a number of players who claim Elden Ring stutters frequently in open areas. An apparent fix, which is detailed above, solves that problem, but it's not an ideal hoop to have to jump through and one many players might not know about. Other reviews bemoan a lack of ultra-wide support, and one even claims the game crashed four times in the space of two hours, so far from ideal.

There will be updates and patches coming over the next few weeks, of course, and hopefully, they will address the problems PC players have been having these first few days. Early signs indicate they won't be fixed in the first patch, though. On the bright side, it has already been confirmed that Elden Ring will run on the Steam Deck. It just might stutter a little until FromSoftware gets all its ducks in a row.

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