Elden Ring Mod Adds Survival Features Including Hunger, Thirst, And Disease

Elden Ring is already notoriously hard, but the game just got even more difficult with the addition of survival features. The modder going by the name of Grimrukh recently announced a project aimed at bringing hunger, thirst, disease, and much more to the game. The mod in question, Elden Ring: Survival Mode, is going to be released on June 6, 2022.

“Elden Ring: Survival Mode trailer,” Grimrukh posted on Twitter along with some gameplay footage of the upcoming mod. “Craft new food items to fight hunger and thirst. Use new materials to craft and upgrade weapons. Find cures for region-specific diseases. Truly dark nights.”

Grimrukh is mostly known for developing Dark Souls mods including the incredibly well received Dark Souls: Nightfall and Dark Souls: Daughters of Ash. Elden Ring: Survival Mode is just the latest in a long line of projects.

The gameplay footage demonstrates how the new crafting systems work. Elden Ring: Survival Mode apparently adds more than 400 recipes to the game, allowing players to produce a wide variety of different weapons and consumables. The gameplay footage also showed off a disease called the Plague of Limgrave which ramps up hunger and thirst. When it comes to cures, medications can definitely be made, but the most interesting feature is that players will be able to build up immunities over time. "Diseases cured are less likely to be caught a second time and a second cure will bestow full immunity,” Grimrukh explained.

Players will be able to hunt animals for their meat which they can then cook and consume. When exploring those parts of the Lands Between with cold climates, players will have to keep themselves warm by sipping hot soups.

Without stopping at survival features, Grimrukh went and made the nights even darker than before. According to the modder, Elden Ring: Survival Mode will have "lots of options” for configuration, meaning that if players prefer, darker nights without any of the survival features will be perfectly possible.

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