Elden Ring Player Builds Light-Sensing Robot To Farm Runes

Elden Ring has always had a rune farming problem, but that was when players were just sneaking off to hard-to-reach places to confound invaders into giving up trying to find them. This latest AFK rune farm doesn’t involve Elden Ring’s multiplayer systems at all and can be done entirely solo. Provided you have an engineering background at least.

Reddit user IZICA posted a video to the Elden Ring subreddit showing this elaborate rune-farming rig. A breadboard connects a laptop to a camera sensor and a collection of servo motors hooked up to IZICA’s keyboard. A macro on the laptop then tells the buttons to press in a certain pattern that has their Tarnished walk up to a group of Alburnarics, torches them, and then returns to the site of grace to reload the area. The light sensor detects proximity to the site of grace and activates it.

It’s all very complex, but it’s an extremely viable rune farm that doesn’t involve pissing off an invader so much that they just leave. Not that being in hard-to-reach places necessarily stopped some dedicated PVPers.

Speaking of those PvPers, there's a raging debate underway over the proper etiquette of stabbing your fellow tarnished. The current protocol calls for both players to bow or wave, and then provide some time to power-up with incantations, items, and spells. However, there’s a growing segment of Elden Ring’s population that doesn’t think it’s reasonable to wait for an opponent to power-up to god-tier levels before engaging in ritualistic combat.

The rule proposed on Reddit is that combat begins immediately after the bow, and it’ll be up to the player to decide whether they can safely take the time to buff themselves or not. Elden Ring’s bosses certainly don’t leave time to get more than a few buffs off, so why should other players?

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