Elden Ring Player Is Fighting In The Colosseum As Judge Judy

Elden Ring has such a range of customization options that cosplay of different characters from a range of other franchises is more than viable. Cosplay builds have been a big part of Elden Ring and the Dark Souls franchise for a while now, but every now and again you get a build that is so ridiculous that you feel a new appreciation for the suite of customization options FromSoftware gives players.

The highlight of today's article is definitely one of the goofier cosplays you're going to see, as Redditor u/mandayverbal has shared their Judge Judy build with the Elden Ring subreddit. The video in question see them going up against another opponent in the recently added colosseum DLC, as their character has short brown hair and is dressed from head to toe in a black gown.

The battle starts as the player summons a mimic, presumably to play the part of Judge Judy's bailiff, but it doesn't last very long. Instead of striking the opponent with regular weapons, u/madayverbal takes the Judge Judy build up a notch by exclusively attacking with the Gavel of Haima sorcery. A few misplaced rolls from the opponent and well-timed bonk from Judy, and it's all over. Court is adjourned and the opposing player is swiftly sentenced to death.

The Judge Judy build may be pretty wacky, but it's just one in a long line of strange cosplay builds that we've been seeing for a while now in Elden Ring. For example, one group of players recently got together to recreate the Shadows of Yharnam boss fight from Bloodborne, while another two managed to re-enact a famous scene from The Lord of the Rings, cosplaying as Sam and Frodo.

You sometimes get even more bizarre stories than that, like one invader discovered when they entered a world and saw Jesus and Satan slowly walking up to them. There are plenty more examples from the past and probably even more examples to come, as Elden Ring's colosseum looks to be providing plenty of opportunities for the cosplayers of The Lands Between.

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