Elden Ring’s Let Me Solo Her Shows Off "Special Gift" From Bandai Namco

Even though his time in the spotlight has somewhat diminished since the launch of Elden Ring a few months back, Let Me Solo Her's effort to help struggling players finally conquer Malenia – officially the game's toughest boss – goes on. After defeating Malenia 1,000 times, Let Me Solo Her revealed that Bandai Namco was so impressed that it decided to send him a "special gift," although he didn't actually know what that gift was going to be.

Two months later, Let Me Solo Her's "special gift" has now arrived and contains several goodies that any Tarnished would give an arm and a leg for. Shared by the Elden Ring legend on Reddit, several pictures show off the contents of his "special gift" which includes a wood carving of his arch-nemesis, what seems to be a replica of Melina's cloak, a very fine sword, a pretty massive map, and a plaque that displays both Bandai Namco and FromSoftware's logo, which seems to be one of only forty in existence.

The package also contains a little message of congratulations from the team at Bandai Namco for his extraordinary achievements. Let Me Solo Her – or KleinTsuboiOW as he's known on Reddit – has thanked Bandai Namco for the gift and has presumably celebrated by kicking the living daylights out of Malenia a few times.

In fact, Let Me Solo Her has recently had to deny rumors that he'd hung up his twin katanas for good. In a YouTube video titled "The Let Me Solo Her Experience," the man himself claims to still be going strong, helping out Tarnished in need. While Let Me Solo Her explains that they've lost count of the victories ever since he reached the 1,000 mark, he does assure that it’s definitely "over 2,000 Malenia's slain." That's certainly some true dedication, something that Let Me Solo Her has now been amply rewarded for.

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