Elden Ring’s Multiple Boss Battles Have Been Nerfed

Three months have now passed since the launch of Elden Ring, and it still feels like the game is being played and talked about as much now as it was back in February. The fascination and massive success of Elden Ring might feel a little odd to some people. Especially if you gave it a whirl a while ago and it wasn't for you. The good news is if the element of Elden Ring you didn't like was some of the many bosses to be found in The Lands Between, a number of them have now been nerfed.

More specifically some of the bosses who call Elden Ring home but don't live in The Lands Between alone. That's right, if you have been thinking of joining the millions already playing Elden Ring, some of those brutal boss battles you've heard about involve you being attacked by more than one AI enemy at a time. Don't fret too much though, as FromSotware appears to have nerfed those bosses without telling anyone.

That's according to streamer Illusory Wall (via VG247) who breaks down the differences in battling multiple bosses at the same time before and after they were scaled back in the 1.04 update. Although FromSoft hasn't specifically mentioned that certain boss battles were nerfed, the changes are pretty plain to see when highlighted in Illusory Wall's video below.

Overall, bosses who hang out and attack you together are now less aggressive. There are two key ways in which FromSoft appears to have made this so. First of all, if one of the bosses isn't actively attacking you, it will hang back and let one of its buddies have a go before it engages you again. That works in tandem with the second change where fewer of the bosses can be the primary attacker, resulting in fewer of them bearing down on you at the same time. The result is reminiscent of when enemies attack one by one in a movie, allowing the protagonist to better take them out before being engaged by someone else.

The only downside to this update is that both changes don't appear to have been applied to all of Elden Ring's multiple boss fights. While some will have both, others only have one of the two. It'll be up to you to figure out which changes apply to which boss as you go.

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