Ellie’s Sexuality Won’t Be Changed In The Last Of Us HBO Series, Promises Writer

Craig Mazin, the writer behind HBO’s upcoming The Last of Us series, recently promised that the show is going to stay true to Ellie’s character, specifically in regards to her sexuality. Considering that it was certainly a big part of her character development in the original game, the move definitely makes sense.

Mazin’s promise came in the form of a tweet directed toward a fan who urged HBO that “ya’ll better keep the gay gay” in response to the show’s twitter announcement. The user asked HBO not to get rid of the story’s gay representation, to which Mazin replied, “You have my word.”

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Not only does this tweet show us that Ellie’s sexuality will be maintained, but it also confirms that the show will in fact center around Ellie, which means Joel is likely going to be a primary character as well. It might be a given to some, but others had speculated that HBO’s adaptation may go in a different direction, introducing new characters within The Last of Us universe.

It is also worth noting just how important it is to maintain Ellie’s sexuality within the show. Not only is it a win for representation, but it means that the HBO series is preserving an integral part to Ellie’s character, which will please fans and will likely result in the show having an emotional impact on par with the game.

Knowing nothing outside of the post-apocalyptic landscape of The Last of Us, Ellie’s innocence and curiosity is part of what makes her character so compelling. This is especially illustrated in The Last of Us: Left Behind, the prequel DLC that tells the story of Ellie and her friend Riley. So, it goes without saying that Mazin is doing right by the fans and the writers of the game.

If you’re a fan of The Last of Us, having a show written by Mazin should certainly excite you. The writer did an excellent job in representing the source material throughout 2019’s Chernobyl, and executed the suspenseful nature of the story in riveting fashion. If you played The Last of Us, you know that suspense is important, and given that Mazin is a master in that field, the show seems to be in great hands.

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