Enterprise-Focused HTC Vive Pro Eye Now Comes in ‘Office’ & ‘Arena’ Bundles

To say HTC Vive has an extensive lineup of virtual reality (VR) headsets is no underestimation, covering enterprise, consumer and standalone models. When it comes to business use the HTC Vive Pro Eye sits as the flagship product, offering integrated Tobii eye-tracking to support a range of features such as analytics. Today, the company has announced a reduction in the Vive Pro Eye’s price as well as two new bundle options. 

Announced at CES 2019 the HTC Vive Pro Eye went on sale in Europe in the May and North America the following month for $1,599 USD. That base price which includes the newer 2.0 base stations and Vive controllers has now been reduced to $1,399.

As for the bundles, HTC Vive Pro Eye Office bundle comes in at $1,599/£1,551 GBP and includes everything mentioned above plus Vive Enterprise Business Warranty & Services (formerly called Vive Enterprise Advantage). This service offers an expedited customer service experience and a two-year limited commercial-use warranty in a single package.

The HTC Vive Pro Eye – Arena Bundle is for commercial premises wanting to offer large play areas. For $2,350/£2,280 the bundle provides customers with two additional SteamVR 2.0 base stations for play spaces up to 33′ x 33′ (10m x 10m) and a 20m fiber cable.

“Companies today need access to a diverse set of hardware and VR solutions built for their specific needs, and we developed these offerings to provide our enterprise customers with increased choice and the important tools and services to make VR an integrated tool within their business,” said Yves Maitre, CEO, HTC, in a statement. “As business use cases for extended reality become more prominent and diverse, the new Vive Pro Eye series delivers multiple ways to address the majority of VR use cases today.”

Both the Vive Pro Eye Office and Pro Eye Office Arena Bundle will be available in Q2 2020.

HTC Vive has been making all sorts of headset announcements this year, dropping the headset price of the HTC Vive Pro to £599/$599 and the HTC Vive Pro Starter Pack is now £899. Or then there’s all the new Vive Cosmos news. For further HTC Vive updates, keep reading VRFocus.

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