Everything you need to know about NFL Madden 21

The Super Bowl has come and gone, with Patrick Mahomes leading his Kansas City Chiefs to a Lombardi Trophy.

As NFL fans begin the long wait for football to return in autumn, all eyes are looking forward to the release of Madden 21.

With the Xbox Series X and Playstation 5 coming later this year, the new Madden could be in for some big changes.

With the next-gen consoles promising some serious power and graphical upgrades, this could well be the best game in the Madden franchise yet.

For those new to American football after watching the Super Bowl, Madden is great fun and a good way to learn more about the sport.

Here’s everything we know so far, and what we’d like to see added to the game.

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When is the Madden 21 release date?

Madden 20 came out on Friday August 2, 2019, so we’re expecting a similar sort of date in early August for Madden 21.

We’ll know a lot more by the time E3 rolls around, but our best guess is August 7, 2020 which is the first Friday of the month.

Will Madden 21 be on the next-gen consoles?

While there has been little news about the new Xbox and Playstation consoles, the expectation is a release date of December 2020, which means Madden 21 will have been out for four or five months.

However, there is little doubt that EA will want to get one of their flagship games out on the new consoles, so expect Madden 21 to appear on the Xbox Series X and the PS5.

Whether its an entirely new game, or more realistically the same game but looking a lot prettier with faster loading screens is yet to be seen.

Sony and Microsoft have spoken about the importance of backwards compatibility, so it be that your copy of Madden 21 for your current console will work on your swanky new one come winter.

Will Madden 21 be cross-platform?

The latest Call of Duty game broke massive barriers in the gaming industry by allowing cross-platform play between the PS4 and Xbox One.

Many Madden and FIFA fans have been clamouring for the next-gen consoles to allow cross-platform play on their favourite sports games, which would be a game-changer.

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One issue is the Ultimate Team markets (FUT and MUT) have different markets on each console with different values for the same cards.

This would have to be fixed if cross-platform play was added to Madden, but it could be very exciting.

Who will the cover star be?

The famous ‘Madden curse’ has plagued NFL superstars over the years.

It has been well documented that the player who appears on the cover of Madden often gets injured or has a huge slump in form.

Patrick Mahomes, as he has done for most of his career, defied expectation and destroyed the curse by leading his team to a Super Bowl.

This year the favourite is Baltimore Ravens Quarterback and newly-crowned MVP Lamar Jackson.

Jackson had an unbelievable season filled with highlight-reel plays and became a fully-fledged superstar, so he is the obvious choice.

EA may choose to go off piste and pick a defensive player for the first time since Richard Sherman in Madden 15.

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