Evil Dead: The Game – Every Survivor, Ranked

Evil Dead: The Game boasts thirteen playable Survivors across four classes – and only about a third of them are versions of Ash! Characters of the same class play similarly to one another, but their action ability and unique traits when leveling up can make all the difference in the world.

If you haven't yet settled on a character that works best for you, take a look at this list to see which ones have the most to offer during a match. The lower-ranked characters can be effective for the right player, but generally the easier it is to win with a character, the higher their rank will be.

13 Kelly Maxwell – Hunter

We really wanted to give the mouthy Michigander a chance to shine, but her underwhelming abilities just don't make the cut. Her action ability is okay, allowing her to dodge without spending Stamina and causing her ranged attacks to apply bleeding effects, but leveling up doesn't do much for her.

Kelly specializes in melee with the Meat Hammer, but there are enough better weapons that unless she finds an Epic or Legendary she's better off sticking with something else. Her Countershot requires being able to dodge effectively and return fire, which isn't always easy to do. Battle Frenzy, which increases her melee damage the longer she's in combat, is a neat power but giving it to a Hunter – a class that focuses on ranged attacks – is an odd choice.

12 Scotty – Warrior

Scotty is an okay Warrior, but the other Survivors in his class do it better. With a two-handed weapon he can deal impressive damage, especially once he unlocks Weapon Master: Lumberjack Axe which buffs the strongest melee weapon in the game… but that's about all he's got going for him. His AoE attack is nice, but there are plenty of other ways to kill bad guys in Evil Dead: The Game. Outside of being a solid damage dealer, Scotty just doesn't add anything to the team.

11 Pablo Simon Bolivar – Support

Pablo has several cool abilities centered around Amulets and Shields, but he needs to have the right team to be effective. He works well in a Warrior-heavy group that can make the most use of his amulets, but otherwise the Support slot is better filled with Ash or Cheryl.

If you do build a team around Pablo, know that he's the character who is most able to safely be alone. His Infernal Camouflage ability makes it difficult for the Demon to find him – just keep your Fear under control until you can rejoin the group.

10 Ash Williams (Evil Dead 2) – Hunter

Until he levels up to the point where he starts the match with a Double-Barrel, Ash's Hunter persona is extremely situational. His Exorcism ability can make all the difference against the Puppeteer, but against the Warlord or the Necromancer it won't do much if the Demon refrains from possession.

Still, having Exorcism available when a teammate comes under demonic influence can save a match, so if you don't mind losing out on other, better action abilities Ash's later perks make up for it eventually.

9 Ash Williams (Army Of Darkness) – Warrior

As a Warrior, Ash is one of the characters who can best benefit from having Pablo around – in fact, without his mustachioed buddy Ash needs a bit of luck to maximize his powers. Ash wants to have lots of Shields, so getting him Amulets is important to the point where he might be taking resources from other players.

Ash's status as a one-man army is solidified when he uses his action ability, drinking a Wiseman's Potion to heal and recover Fear while also getting a temporary defensive buff. If he were more of a team player, Army Of Darkness Ash would rank higher on this list.

8 Ed Getley – Hunter

Ed can be pretty useful to have on the team, but it's not because of his combat capabilities. He not only excels at finding items, eventually gaining the ability to increase drop rates, but he also is the only Survivor who can detect traps.

He can even temporarily disarm any traps he discovers, potentially robbing the Demon of large quantities of Threat over the course of a match.

7 Henry The Red – Warrior

This medieval time traveler is the game's best Warrior, dealing heavy damage while taking hits like a champ. He's the hardest Survivor to kill, thanks in no small part to his action ability which grants him temporary invulnerability.

If Henry is on your team, load him up with Amulets and the best melee weapon you can find. The Deadites will be in for a tough knight.

6 Annie Knowby – Leader

Annie is a great addition to any team, but she really shines when surrounded by trigger-happy Hunters. She grants nearby Survivors a damage boost to their ranged attacks, making characters like Amanda exceptionally dangerous to the forces of evil.

After she's leveled up a bit, Annie also improves her team's ability to knock enemies off balance, setting them up for finishers. At that point, she can form the centerpiece to just about any party build.

5 Ash Williams (Evil Dead) – Support

The original Ash is only just beginning to realize his potential as an unflappable slayer of demons, and he is a much better contributor to the team than his persona from the later movies. Ash can reduce the Fear of all Survivors nearby, robbing the Demon of possession targets and keeping the group safe.

As he levels up, Ash becomes an efficient combat machine, healing himself and granting buffs just by fighting. If you're a Support Ash main, consider playing with a microphone so that you can call shots to your teammates – a Deadite hit by a headshot from a high-level Ash takes more damage from the next ranged attack they suffer, allowing you to set up elites and bosses for easier takedowns.

4 Cheryl Williams – Support

Always protect the healer. In the case of Evil Dead: The Game, Ash's unassuming sister is the party cleric. She can create a brief regeneration field, and as she levels up she confers heals and buffs on nearby allies whenever she drinks a Shemp's Cola.

If you decide to drop the pistol, try to pick a weapon with a fast rate of fire, leaving the shotguns for other characters. Amanda's action ability lets her shoot without consuming ammo for a short time, so the more bullets you can fire in that time the better. Once she's unlocked all of her unique passives, her shots deal more damage with each consecutive hit – when a boss shows up, empty a clip into them, reload, and do it again.

2 Ash Williams (Ash Vs. Evil Dead) – Leader

Ash's latest iteration, a veteran monster-killer training the next generation, brings all of his experience to bear. His mere presence reduces the overall Fear suffered by other Survivors, and also boosts the damage they deal to the forces of evil.

Better yet, once Ash has a few Skill Points spent he'll start every match with his signature chainsaw, obviating the need to find him a different melee weapon. The chainsaw is strong enough that it can last him the whole match – unless, of course, you're lucky enough to find an even better chainsaw.

1 Lord Arthur – Leader

Lord Arthur simply does not mess around. He grants enormous melee damage buffs to himself and any Survivors near him, especially when his Lord's Wrath ability is activated. With at least one Warrior at his side, Lord Arthur is more than a match for all but the strongest Kandarian Demons.

A high-level Arthur is truly a sight to behold on the battlefield. He combos incredibly well with Annie, since his final passive lets him grant the effects of the Lord's Wrath without triggering the ability every time he pulls off a finisher. If you want somebody to lead the stand against the darkness, Lord Arthur is the one to choose.

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