Evil Genius 2 World Domination: Guide To All Four Geniuses

In Evil Genius 2 you can play as any one of four Geniuses, Max, Zalika, Red Ivan, and Emma. Each one has a unique narrative-driven campaign based on their personality, and can also be used in sandbox mode. They all have very different focuses and aims, so your choice will affect how your game plays out.

In this guide, we take a look at each Genius and what they bring to the game. This includes their personality, aims, skills, and bonuses.

Maxmillian Von Klein

Max is the face of Evil Genius 2, being a returning villain from Evil Genius. He may have failed to take over the world the first time around but that hasn’t dented his pride. Max is back and this time he’s not shy about his ambition, or flaunting his wealth. Sitting on a solid gold chair in an inner sanctum made entirely of gold, Max has a plan.

He’s been down this road before and is now willing to do whatever it takes to succeed the second time around. He’s just not quite sure what that is yet. As such his campaign sees him try several tactics to gain power in any way he can.

Max’s Abilities

Maxmilian has three unique abilities, themed around efficiency and gold, that affect his minions. They are:

  • Work Harder! – An AOE buff that orders minions to prioritize any job in the area at a cost of 0.2 morale a second.
  • Train Faster – A handy skill that enables Max to instantly complete any minion training taking place within a short range of him at the cost of 60 smarts.
  • Large Work Force – Max starts with more minions in his lair and will also earn gold more quickly.

M.I.D.A.S. – Max’s Doomsday Device

During his campaign, Max will also build a Doomsday device called M.I.D.A.S. It can be used to turn buildings, and occasionally minions, into gold. These can then be gathered to bolster your gold reserves.

Just be aware that minions that have been turned into beautiful shiny statues sadly can’t be displayed in your casino. This is because the items have heat on them, due to being linked to the M.I.D.A.S. machine.

Red Ivan

In Evil Genius, Red Ivan was merely a henchman but he was fierce with it. As a reward for his help, he was given control of a country which he named “Ivania” After he later lost his land to the reformed forces of justice he vowed to seek revenge.

Now Red Ivan is back. He appears to have faced some unknown issues along the way, as he now sports an eye patch and a robotic left hand, but he’s dressed for success. After losing his country he set his sights higher and now wants control of the world.

Ivan’s Abilities

Red Ivan has three unique abilities themed around combat, although this is not surprising given his military background. They are:

  • Do it now! – An AOE buff that makes minions rally to his side and focus on tasks in the area. They also gain a boost to combat, making this a great way to bring minions to a fight quickly.
  • Old School – Beware as Red Ivan equips his rocket launcher to fire at agents. It does some incredible damage, but this also extends to nearby minions and objects.
  • Might Makes Right – Due to his military roots, Ivan can command muscle minions to do his bidding for reduced pay. His workers will also be more capable in a fight.

H.A.V.O.C. – Red Ivan’s Doomsday Device

Red Ivans doomsday device is much what you’d expect and resembles a giant gun that sends atomic fire at its target. It lives up to its name of H.A.V.O.C. and definitely packs a punch.

As with all doomsday devices, prepping it to fire will trigger an alert in the base, meaning tourists will evacuate, minions will arm themselves and agents will seek to stop it, at any cost.


Emma is a Genius with so many secrets that we don’t know her motivation or even her full name. She rides around on a chair with spider-like legs showcasing her general distaste for humanity.

It’s been revealed that she was previously a spy for S.A.B.R.E. and was the mentor of John Steele. She is a master of manipulation and deception, using her contacts to try and fulfill her new ambition of taking over, or destroying, the world. We’re still not quite sure which it is.

Emma’s Abilities

The ex-spymaster turned poison pro, as she calls herself, has a range of deceptive abilities. They are:

  • Pay Attention! – As with all Geniuses, Emma has a buff that summons minions and ensures they prioritize jobs in her area. It also gives closeby minions the ability to see through nearby agents’ disguises easier. This is very helpful when particularly deceptive spies come to visit.
  • Plotter – This ability bolsters Emma’s henchmen and resets their cooldowns, giving them an advantage in battle.
  • Spymaster – Emma has a lot of knowledge that means her deception minion types are more efficient and she can also reduce heat far more effectively than others.

V.E.N.O.M. – Emma’s Doomsday Device

Emma’s doomsday device is a huge futuristic-looking item of destruction called V.E.N.O.M. that rains down destruction wherever she chooses.

Beware of the cost that comes with firing this device. Firing doomsday devices is not a risk-free activity, for any genius.


Zalika is the science-focused genius who thinks she has ascended above the rest of humanity. She’s been creating AI since she was six years old and believes that the world doesn’t know what’s good for it.

Her aim is to craft algorithms to guide people through their lives and then to become the programmer who runs the code of humanity.

Zalika’s Abilities

Zalika’s abilities are science and research-focused and her outlook is very futuristic and technical. Her abilities are:

  • My Plans Take Priority! – Zalika’s ability to summon and order minions also allows science minions to receive a boost to their work when in her aura.
  • Repair – This incredibly useful ability allows Zalika to repair items and extinguish fires around her. It uses nanobots and costs smarts.
  • True Genius – Zalika’s knowledge means her science minions are better trained and will complete research much faster than most.

V.O.I.D. – Zalika’s Doomsday Device

Zalika’s V.O.I.D doomsday device must also be built in stages, just like the others. She’ll go from research to prototype and then also need to do some test fires.

When V.O.I.D. or any other doomsday device, has been fired the area it hits will be immediately locked down and you can expect agents to come calling, fast.

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