Evil Genius free to download now from Steam, Evil Genius 2 coming soon

If you’re starting to run out of games to play during lockdown then Rebellion has a new option for you: strategy classic Evil Genius.

Lots of companies have been giving games away for free during the lockdown, especially on PC, including everything from Rayman Legends to Pac-Man Championship Edition 2.

The latest freebie though is something a bit different: 2004 title Evil Genius. The game is currently free on Steam, although first you’ll have to sign up for a Rebellion ID here and then link that to your Steam account.

Although there’s currently no official end date it won’t necessarily be free forever, so you should probably download it sooner rather than later. Although it’s clear that the free deal is not only to give you something to do during lockdown but also promote the upcoming Evil Genius 2.


The original Evil Genius was heavily influenced by Dungeon Keeper, but instead of creating a Tolkien-esque dungeon filled with monsters you’re overseeing a James Bond villain style lair.

It’s not the sort of thing you see much of nowadays, so Rebellion has created a new tips video for the game, to help get you acclimatised.

Evil Genius 2 was due for release this year but like every game that’s currently subject to change thanks to the coronavirus.

It was looking pretty good when we saw it at E3 last year though, so hopefully it’ll still be out sometime in 2020.


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