Evil West: Chapter 5: The Devil’s Pass Walkthrough

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  • Mission: The Devil’s Pass
  • Boss Battle: The Gowrow

Things aren’t going well for the gang in Evil West. Their manor is a burning ruin, their organization scattered to the wind, and their leader is grievously wounded and not long for this world. Hiding out in Calico, the team decides to start following some leads on the Vampires and what they’ve been up to.

Chapter five follows Jessie as he looks for an RI Field Agent named Bloom in a location known as the Devil's Pass as they may have some information on what the Vamps have been up to. The mission itself is fairly challenging and pretty short, but there are a lot of collectibles to miss and the boss fight at the end can be a little frustrating. So here’s a handy walkthrough to chapter five in Evil West.

Mission: The Devil’s Pass


Boss Battle

Locate Agent Blooms Bestiary

The Gowrow

Chapter five is the first mission that will start you off in Calico, and going forward Evil West will do this a few times instead of dropping you right in the mission. It’s mostly for world-building as aside from using the Perk Reset machine in Vergil's Lab or grabbing collectibles, there isn’t really anything else to do in Calico.

When the level starts, look around the room you begin in, and on a desk nearby will be the Vergil And Emelia In Calico collectible. Pick it up, then head to Vergils Lab for the next one, Vergils Curriculum. It’s on a workbench by the man himself, so you can’t miss it, plus the first mission marker will take you right there anyway as a way to introduce the Perk Reset machine. Head to the Holding Cells and in the second room on the right at the back are some Bucks, retrace your steps to the big barrel entrance to the hideout and you’ll find another bag of cash on the floor by a hammering worker. Collectibles grabbed, head to the mission marker, and listen to James Harrow complain in the next cutscene.

Welcome to the Devils Pass, it’s a long corridor level with not a lot of wandering around, but there’s plenty of fights to get in along the way. From the start, run down the hill towards the wagons, and on a box in front of them will be another bag of Bucks to grab. Keep to the right immediately after these coaches and you should find a trail, follow this to get to a chest with some cash inside. Retrace your steps to the main road and continue on, although check the immediate right as there’s a glowing box to break and more Bucks to grab. Hop over the barricade and you’ll be ambushed by some Servant Gunslingers backed up by Servant Sharpshooters.

Sharpshooters are a nightmare in this level. Instead of engaging them in range, pull them with the Zapper and beat them down.

Goons dealt with, head down the left path first to where the TNT boxes are, blow them up, and behind them are Bucks to grab. Turn around and go down the right path now to get your first page of Agent Blooms Bestiary on top of a corpse, not a good sign. Look directly above this poor chap and you’ll see a chain, shoot it down and climb up to enter an arena fight with your first new enemy of this level, the Nagal.

Nagals always attack in packs. Their main offense is big swings, but their biggest threat is their howl as it buffs other Nagals. Their weak point flashes when they do this, so shut them up with a shot to the face.

Overgrown dogs put down, look to the hanging corpses on the tree to the left of the arena. One of these can be shot down for some Bucks. Behind these dead boys is some silver chains, drop down these and follow the path along to a hidden chest with the Booming Business perk inside. Further along and above this box is another chain to shoot down and climb to progress. Shimmy along the wooden ledge and it’ll break and drop you down.

Directly ahead will be a broken wooden bridge, you can’t go that way but to the left of this rundown structure is some bushes and in there are Bucks on a box. Cash collected, head up the hill to the next ambush. This fights a bit of a pain as rocks will constantly fall from above and if they hit you they can take off half your health bar, so keep an eye on the ground and a finger over the dodge button.

In this fight, you’ll meet another new enemy type, the Servant Brute. These guys are powerhouses of damage and can take a lot of hits. They’re slow so you can hit them from range if your punches aren’t doing any damage or use the TNT boxes that are nearby. There are two Servant Brutes in this fight, but the biggest issue is going to be the rocks from above and the Servant Gunslingers and Servant Sharpshooters taking potshots at you. Just Zap Pull them into the melee and they’ll melt quickly.

Fight finished, look to the chains at the left of the arena, climb up them and there’s a chest of cash on the ledge as a reward for your efforts.

Squeeze through the gap into the next area and blow up the TNT boxes in front of you to get a chest with 179 Bucks in a small cave. There’s also an Energy Recharge next to a collapsed tree on the right as you leave that hole that’s worth grabbing to top up Jessies electricity reserves. Continue along the path again for a few feet until you see a silver chain, immediately stop and turn around. There’s a short path to a glowing box with Bucks to get. Cash taken, drop into this little puzzle area and push the Minecart to the end of the track.

There’s also Bucks next to the cart towards the entrance to the collapsed Mine that’s worth grabbing. Cart pushed into place, you can now use it as a bridge to get to the next area. There are also some Bucks on boxes on the left after you hop over as a reward and another bag of Bucks immediately on the right on some rocks when you drop down from the ledge after the last pile of cash.

Go left when you see the water and at the end of the path are more Bucks on some rocks. Go back to where you came in and follow the river up to the right to continue onwards to find out what happened to Agent Bloom. As Jessie heads up the hill some mysterious burrowing shape will blow past him, don’t worry about it for now, you’ll find out what that Tremors-Esque creature is later on.

Underneath the waterfalls, before you drop down is a glowing box with Bucks inside of it. It’s on the left by a box and barrel, so it’s not too hard to miss. Drop into the next waterlogged area and immediately turn left, by a collapsed tree is more Bucks in a glowing box, you know what to do by now. Left of this spot down a small tunnel is a barricade, busting it apart will reveal another chest of cash with 135 Bucks. Money taken, it’s time to leave so head to the silver chains on the right side of this area to get into your next arena fight.

This brawls not too bad, it’s mostly Servant Gunslingers and Nagals. Deal with the dudes first as their ranged attacks can make dodging the Werewolf-like creatures a lot harder. Monsters murdered, drop the bridge by shooting the target point. Run up it and follow the path, but keep an eye on the right for your next Agent Bloom’s Bestiary collectible. Note grabbed, continue along the path and activate the Power Switch, but before you move, look at the gate and shoot the target. This will drop a level under the gate to hold it open because if you don’t do this after turning on the switch, it’ll just slam shut in your face.

Go under the door and into the huge flooded cave. Get ready, because you’re about to fight a Vampire Noble as a normal enemy now. These boys are big and tanky with a lot of moves. Their swings can seriously dent your health bar, but you can block them and their energy wave can be dodged around. Their main threats are the unblockable grab which drains your health and tosses you across the arena, and their regeneration.

Vampire Noble regeneration can only be dealt with from range. They summon bats that surround them and damage you if you try to melee. The Rentier Rifle should be your best option at the moment.

During the fight some Screeching Devils will also appear, it’s recommended to deal with them first as they’ll make dodging the already wide attacks of the Vampire Noble much more difficult. Zap Pull them and if you have the perk that makes Zap Kills drop Energy, you can basically farm them and use their dropped Energy to unleash special moves like the Overcharge on the Vampire Noble. This fight may take you a couple of tries if you’re underpowered, but afterward, head to the back of the cave as there are some Bucks on a box worth grabbing before you leave.

Next to the train tracks as you leave is the last chapter of Bloom’s Bestiary and after walking a few feet more, you’ll finally see what’s been tunneling around underneath you. It’s another new enemy, the Gowrow, a horrible mutated mole-looking creature that’s a frustrating nightmare to fight.

After you see this nasty naked monster, go to the right. There’s a silver chain drop that will lead you along a trail to a hidden chest and the Ghost Rifle cosmetic skin for the Rentier Rifle. Retrace your steps to the main path, go up the hill, and follow the trail around to the next set of chains. There’ll be a drop that leads to a gap to squeeze through and the boss fight of this chapter.

Boss Battle: The Gowrow

This boss fight against the Gowrow isn’t too difficult, but it’s more frustrating as it's pretty spongy to damage and you only get a few seconds to get some hits in before it burrows into the ground and hides. It’ll also tunnel up to and emerge for an unblockable swipe, or run off to the distance and lob big rocks at you. It’s not got a lot of attacks it can use, so a lot of the brawl is spent getting in a cheeky punch and then keeping an eye on where it goes, then just rinse and repeat.

Screeching Devils will also spawn during this fight, but just Zapp Pull them to instant kill them. Doing this plays out an animation that has I-frames, so you can get a few seconds of breathing time from damage and a chance to spin the camera around to get a quick look at the area if you’re struggling.

A good tip for taking down this creature is, don’t move. It will come to you. Because of how it cycles through its attacks, you can just stand there, use a kick-interrupt on its tunneling grab or stun it by shooting its weak points when it flips to trying to toss rocks at you. Its big swipes when it gets into melee distance are very slow and telegraphed to the point it may as well be yelling at you that it’s about to punch you in the face, so just get ready on the block button.

Block enough of the Growrows melee attacks and it will get stunned. Use this to unleash an E-Combo on it to drain its health bar quickly before it burrows away again.

Once it's taken down, walk over to the mission marker to find out what happened to Agent Bloom and all the other unfortunate people that went missing in the Devil's Pass. It also seems like the Vampires are up to something that involves using mutated blood to build a monster army, but more on that later.

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