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It's the season of giving, and Fall Guys is doing just that with their latest in-game event, the Gift Grab Event. Like past limited-time events, you will have the opportunity to complete specific missions in exchange for different event-exclusive rewards, all following a winter holiday theme for this particular event.

The Gift Grab Event will be available for longer than the majority of past events, running until January 5, 2023. That being said, completing the event missions to earn all possible rewards requires a lot of time and effort. But don't worry, we've got you covered with everything you need to know to do just that.

Event Show: Gift Grab

There is a limited-time Show that goes along with this event, titled Gift Grab. This playlist functions like a standard Solo Show, consisting of several familiar levels, but with an added twist.

Each level in the Gift Grab Show will contain Hidden Gifts, presents that can be found and collected throughout the different maps. Despite their name, these gifts can mostly be found in plain sight, typically not requiring you to go out of your way to collect them as you progress through each course.

The Final Round of the Gift Grab Show will not contain any Hidden Presents.

These Hidden Gifts play an important role in this event, with all event missions involving tasks that have to do with collecting them.

Event Missions

There are ten different event missions that can be completed throughout the course of the Gift Grab Event. As mentioned previously, each of these missions requires you to complete specific tasks involving collecting Hidden Gifts in the Show Gift Grab.

You will need to complete all ten event missions if you wish to obtain all available rewards. This is important to note because the Nutcracker costume upper is the final reward that you will unlock for this event.

Completing each of these missions will provide you with 100 Nutcracker Hats, the currency for this event used to redeem the different rewards. Each of these missions can be found below with their specific completion requirements.

Some of the event missions will be locked until you have completed others that are part of the set for this event. These unlock requirements are included in the table below for those that it applies to.

Event Missions

Mission Name

Mission Task

Unlock Requirements

First Present

Collect a Hidden Gift in Gift Grab.


Somewhat Present

Collect a Hidden Gift in Round Two of Gift Grab.

Complete the First Present mission.

Highly Present

Collect a Hidden Gift in Round Three of Gift Grab.

Complete the Somewhat Present mission.

Always Present

Qualify after collecting four or more Hidden Gifts.

Complete the Highly Present mission.


Qualify after collecting eight or more Hidden Gifts.

Complete the Always Present mission.

20 Hidden Gifts

Collect 20 Hidden Gifts in Gift Grab.


50 Hidden Gifts

Collect 50 Hidden Gifts in Gift Grab.


100 Hidden Gifts

Collect 100 Hidden Gifts in Gift Grab.


200 Hidden Gifts

Collect 200 Hidden Gifts in Gift Grab.


500 Hidden Gifts

Collect 500 Hidden Gifts in Gift Grab.


Event Rewards

For this event, there are five different rewards that can be obtained, either cosmetic items or in-game currency. This includes the event-exclusive Nutcracker costume, being the fifth and final reward that you can earn.

These five rewards can be earned following the completion of different event missions, each requiring you to accumulate a set number of Nutcracker Hats to redeem them. Once you have reached the number of Nutcracker Hats associated with a specific reward, you can obtain it by simply clicking on the reward on the main Gift Grab Event screen.

You will earn each event reward by simply reaching the desired number of Nutcracker Hats that corresponds with it. This means that you do not need to spend this event currency to obtain them, allowing you to maintain the same total even after claiming each rewards.

Each of these event rewards can be found below with the number of Nutcracker Hats that are required to unlock them.

Event Rewards


Nutcracker Hats Required

"Grabbing Gifts" Nickname


200 Kudos


"Nutcracker" Costume Lower


"Hidden Gifts" Nameplate


"Nutcracker" Costume Upper


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