Fall Guys Season 4: How To Win Every New Team Level

Team games are often the hardest part of any Fall Guys match. They are chaotic and it’s very hard to communicate with your team if you aren’t playing the new squads mode. Fall Guys Season 4 adds two new team levels: Basketfall and Power Trip.

These futuristic levels are quite different from anything that’s appeared in Fall Guys before, but there are lots of strategies that can keep you ahead of other players. Here’s everything you need to know to win on the new team levels in Fall Guys Season 4.


Basketfall mixes two things that probably shouldn’t be mixed: Basketball and Fall Guys. It’s chaotic and sometimes annoyingly tricky, but thankfully there are plenty of tips to help you dunk three-pointers for your team.

Score In The Opposing Baskets

The first thing you must always do in Basketfall is note what color your Fall Guy is. Then, make sure you are dunking in the other team’s baskets. It’s easy to start putting baskets in the hoop that matches your color, but that would actually score points for the other team. If you are on the yellow team, you want to be scoring in the blue hoops, and vice versa.

Three-Point Dunks

There are two different balls in Basketfall: normal, orange basketballs and golden ones. The orange balls are worth 1 point whilst the gold balls are worth 3. Gold balls spawn less often, but they are still frequent enough throughout the round. There won’t just be one gold ball to decide the match.

There are a few different strategies in Basketfall to help your team succeed. These are Attack, Defense, and Interference.


Whilst playing attack, you need to grab the basketballs and carry them to the opposing team’s hoops.

If another player grabs you, your Fall Guy will throw the ball in a random direction, so it’s open for the enemy team to steal. If you are grabbed, let go of the ball by releasing the grab button. This will drop it in front of you, so you can pick it up again when you are free and keep running. This is the equivalent of dribbling in Fall Guys. Messy, rather clunky dribbling.

The nets are in an anti-gravity cube on either side of the court. Enter the cube and jump to float upwards so that you can release the ball into the net. However, this can cause issues as the ball might float over and not go in the net. It is easier and more reliable to continue holding the ball and drop it into the net yourself. You will still score points, and you will respawn back over where the new basketballs drop in the middle of the court.


If you aren’t good at keeping hold of the ball, or if you’d rather prevent the enemy team from racking up points, you can also play in defense.

Stay near your team’s nets and watch for players of the opposing team. If they come near you with a basketball, try to grab them. This will cause the ball to launch in a random direction.

This can get rather messy, so try your best to grab it quickly. Run the ball back to midfield so an attacker can take it the rest of the way. Like before, if you are grabbed then let go of the ball to throw it forward.


This is more of a midfield position in Basketfall. Interference can be played a few different ways: you can either try to disrupt the enemy attackers by grabbing them when they pick up basketballs, or you can chase the opposing team’s defense and try to hold them back from your attackers.

This will give your attackers a straight path to the nets so that they can score and get more points for your team.

Power Trip

If you’ve ever played Splatoon, then you will be right at home with Power Trip. When you spawn in, there will be two teams on the opposite ends of a very large grid.

Claim Your Tiles

Each team will have a set of batteries of their color. There won’t be enough batteries for everyone, but both teams will have the same amount. Grab a battery and start running over black tiles. This will turn them to your team’s color.

The goal is to have more tiles than your opponent. Simply run around on the grid and start claiming tiles for your team.

Stealing Points From The Enemy Team

Power Trip goes on a little longer than that though. To prevent the enemy team from overtaking you, start running over their colored tiles with a battery to claim them back, stealing that point for your own team.

As there aren’t enough batteries, you might be grabbed by someone without one. To keep the battery, drop it in front of you when you are grabbed and then pick it back up after.

Chasing Other Players

A good tactic for Power Trip is to follow a player from the opposing team around. Any tiles they claim will be instantly taken back for your team, meaning that player can’t score extra points. They won’t score a single point whilst you are preventing your team’s total from falling.

With the above strategies, you should now be ready to master the latest team levels in Fall Guys. Make sure you get as many crowns as possible by reading the best tips for the new race levels added in Fall Guys 4041. If you are jumping into the new Squads mode instead, take a look at everything you need to know about the new Crown Shards currency.

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