Fallout 76: How To Complete The Strength In Numbers Quest

In Fallout 76, the Strength in Numbers quest is unlocked by completing the previous quest Hunter for Hire, in which you deal with a raider gang that has been harassing Duchess, the owner of the local watering hole The Wayward. Whether or not you killed the gang boss Roper, Duchess will ask you to help locate some of her hired muscle who have gone missing: a human named Sol and an assaultron named Polly.

Polly is fitted with a tracker that you can utilize via your Pip-Boy. Go to your radio tab and select the Transmitter Signal frequency, which highlights a circular area quest marker on your map. When you get close, follow the increased beeping to find the tracker. Unfortunately, the tracker leads to Polly’s missing arm, a pile of Scorched corpses, and several piles of laser-disintegrated ash. Perfect!

On one of the corpses, however, is a note labelled Gauley Mine Production Log. From there, you can follow the trail of Scorched corpses to the main Gauley Mine entrance just a short distance away. Enter the mine and follow the path straight forward until you see Sol lying injured on the ground. You can choose to give him a stimpak if you want, and he’ll tell you to go help Polly.

Keep going and fighting until you reach Polly, then take her head and use her face laser to blast the waves of Scorched that approach you. After they’re all destroyed, return to the Wayward with Polly’s head and speak to Duchess. Equip Polly’s head and place it on the jug atop the bar.

Now that you’ve rescued Sol and Polly – the parts of Polly that count at least – Duchess wants you to find another body for the assaultron. Head to Summersville and make a beeline for the marked robotics shop; you only need to kill the Blood Eagles that are in your way to get to the door.

Once you enter the building, you can talk to Skinner, the robot desk clerk. There are a few robot display rooms that have functioning bodies for you to attach Duchess’s robot body retrieval signal to, but Polly would prefer to stay an assaultron. You can get into the assaultron display room by intimidating Skinner with a Strength score of 4+ to get the key card, or by unlocking the door upstairs with a lockpicking score of 1. Alternatively, if you’ve already become a US General in Fallout 76’s pre-Wastelanders endgame, you can requisition the military-grade robot to get the key card.

Make sure to avoid the red laser beams and head towards the door on the far side of the room. This one has higher security. You can unlock it with a lockpicking score of 3, or simply enter the code 88888 on the keypad. Attach the signal tag to the display assaultron and return to the Wayward to tell Polly the good news.

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