Fallout 76 Steel Reign Update Releasing July 7, The Pitt Coming 2022

The eighth major update to Fallout 76 will be with us July 7, as announced at the ongoing Xbox and Bethesda E3 showcase. On top of that, we got a short teaser trailer for another Fallout 76 expansion: The Pitt – a callback to the Fallout 3 DLC of the same name.

As that name would suggest, Steel Reign centres around the Brotherhood of Steel. A series mainstay, the Brotherhood have been part of the Fallout world since the very first entry in 1997, switching between helping and hindering players depending on the situation in the wasteland.

Steel Reign picks up from Steel Dawn, concluding the story that kicked off last November.

Fallout 76 fans did well this E3, with another surprise announcement after the expected Steel Reign release date reveal. Expeditions: The Pitt looks set to return players to the setting of one of the Fallout 3 locations. We didn’t get to see much, but The Pitt certainly isn’t looking much prettier than it did in the original DLC.

Fallout 76 released in 2018, in a launch notoriously controversial. Nothing seemed to go right for the fledgling live service, but despite a rocky release it seems to have dusted itself off and found its player base. Indeed, Todd Howard is likely to have found this to be a better e3 than the previous one in 2019, where he poked fun at the infamous and numerous bugs found in Fallout 76 around its release.

Updates such as Steel Reign appear to have improved the game’s reputation, particularly the Wasterlanders expansion in 2020, which brought Fallout 76 much more in line with its single-player counterparts. It did this by adding NPCs and a new questline, and Steel Reign looks set to continue this trend.

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