Fan-Made Death Stranding VR Game Brings Lengthy Treks To Quest

A developer is turning Hideo Kojima’s PS4 exclusive epic, Death Stranding, into an Oculus Quest VR game, and it looks pretty cool.

Reddit user KingCeryn revealed a short look at a fan-made Death Stranding VR game this month. The game looks to bring Death Stranding’s sweeping scenery (albeit a little blurrier) and tricky traversal to the Oculus Quest. The trailer is even shot with stylish Kojima flair.

The footage shows a player climbing up ropes and exploring buildings in Bridges outposts. In the original game, players must trek across the United States to deliver supplies to cities, with the aim of eventually reconnecting the country with an established infrastructure.

There’s even a look at the weirdly cute Odradek Terrain Scanner. Sadly, though, there’s no Bridge Babies — the game’s bizarre enemy-scanning tool — in sight, though the character does pick up one of their containers at one point. But we can see some of Death Stranding’s creepy foes, the BTs, hovering around the landscape. We’re not too excited about the idea of meeting them in VR.

Of course, we wouldn’t expect this experience to be as deep as the original Death Stranding. Not only because it’s a fan creation but also the fact that a lot of the game’s core mechanics, like weight distribution on your body, would be really hard to replicate in VR.

KingCeryn does plan to let people play the game in the near future though obviously it won’t ever be for sale as Sony might have a thing or two to say about that.

Kojima himself is interested in VR though, back in October 2019, the developer said he wasn’t “free enough” to be working with the technology right now. Hopefully that changes in the future; we’d love to see what the mind behind Metal Gear Solid could conjure up for VR headsets.

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