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The Fighter in Dark And Darker is a versatile class capable of wielding pretty much every single weapon in the game. You are likely to start your journey into the game with this class. Its shield, in particular, is fantastic for learning the attack patterns of various skeletons and mummies.

This guide covers the best beginner and late-game builds for the Fighter, as well as the best perks, abilities, and some gameplay tips to help you get started.

This information is based on the December 2022 playtest of the game (Playtest 3) and is subject to change in the future. We will keep this guide updated with any changes.

Fighter Class Overview

The Fighter is an excellent class for new players. With no real strengths or weaknesses one way or the other, you are able to focus purely on getting to grips with the game's mechanics – how to loot, how to defend yourself, and how to extract.

  • Pros
    • Well-rounded class
    • Can use a variety of weapons
    • Can sprint
  • Cons
    • Relies on equipment to scale in power
    • Can't cast spells
    • Here's a closer look at the Fighter's perks and abilities.

      Fighter Perks And Abilities



      When using your shield or in a defensive stance, your physical defense is increased by 5%

      Combo Attack

      Each successful hit increases your damage (inside 3 seconds)


      If you parry/defend you get an increase to movement and attack speed for 3 seconds

      Defense Expert

      Gives you 10% more AR (Armor Rating) on equipment

      Dual Wield

      You get 7% faster attack speed if you're holding a weapon in both hands

      Projectile Resistance

      Damage from ranged projectiles decreased by 10%

      Shield Expert

      5% extra movement speed while using shield defensively


      Gives you a speed boost when you've got heavy armor on, reduces speed penalty for armor by 20%

      Weapon Mastery

      All primary/secondary weapons are available to you, you have a 20% damage penalty to weapons that are not native to your class


      Adrenaline Rush

      Grants a burst of speed, attack speed for 6 seconds (25% increase), you suffer a penalty after the ability ends (slows you down again)


      Activating this will remove movement speed debuffs

      Second Wind

      Gives you a 50% health regen over 12 seconds, works to remove the Adrenaline Rush debuff


      Gives you a movement speed increase


      Increases monster aggro, improves your defense

      Victory Strike

      Your next attack deals 20% extra damage – if this kills an enemy, you get 5% of your HP

      In Dark And Darker, you can take one perk from the start of the game, but must level your character to gain access to other perks – one perk at level 0, then unlocked at level 5, level 10, and level 15.

      Starter Fighter Perks And Abilities

      There are a few options for your starter perk with Fighter, and it really depends on how you want to play. For a total beginner, we recommend you take Barricade for defense or Swift to give you better movement speed.

      In terms of abilities, we think that Second Wind is crucial because of the health regen, and Sprint is very important because of the power of movement speed in Dark And Darker. Whether it's running away, dodging skeletones, or chasing an enemy player, Sprint can be the make or break of a successful run.

      Max Level Fighter Build

      At level 20, you'll have access to four perks in total. We've created a sample four-perk build for a late-game Fighter, but you can definitely experiment with different variations.




      Second Wind

      Projectile Resistance


      Combo Attack

      Defense Expert

      We've opted to keep the same abilities as the starter build as we think they are still both extremely useful, both for solo play and team play. If you are running with a Cleric you might consider dropping Second Wind and replacing it with Adrenaline Rush for engaging with enemies.

      In terms of perks, this is where the versatility of the Fighter comes in to play, and your perk choices might differ depending on your playstyle.

      • Swift – Movement speed is king. We can't see how you could remove this perk from the build.
      • Projectile Resistance – Ranged damage is such a big deal in Dark And Darker, both from skeleton archers and enemy Rangers. Having a little extra defense can really help.
      • Combo Attack – The Fighter is all about closing down space and getting into enemy's faces. This combo attack can help stack attack speed for close-range engagements.
      • Defense Expert – 10% extra AR is actually pretty significant, especially when you've got some decent armor sets on.

      Best Fighter Gear To Look Out For

      The Fighter can wield any weapon if you're using the Weapon Mastery perk, which means you get a lot of choice when it comes to the weapon you want to use.

      For example, the Fighter with a bow is extremely strong. You can swap out from your sword/axe and then deal ranged damage as well with no damage penalty.

      In the early game, however, we recommend you stick with the shield. This is the idea tool to learn enemy attack patterns and to give yourself a fighting chance against other players.

      Gear with movement speed and + to all attributes are what you're looking out for, but typically just pick up the best gear in terms of AR that you can find during the beginning.

      Fighter Gameplay Tips

      Here are a few tips to help you improve your Fighter gameplay.

      • Combat in Dark And Darker is directional, i.e, you need to aim your shield block where the attack is coming from. This applies to both enemy players and skeletons/other monsters. Just something to keep in mind.
      • Even though the Fighter has better defense than other classes, you still shouldn't engage with multiple players unless you feel very confident.
      • Use your Sprint and Adrenaline Rush (if you picked it up) to get out of sticky situations, or to close the gap on squishy enemies like Wizards and Rangers.

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