Final Fantasy 10: Every Airship Password And Hidden Coordinate

In Final Fantasy 10, you will have open access to the fast-travel capabilities of the airship in the later parts of the game, allowing you to travel over Spira more freely. Additionally, this feature also allows for the discovery of secret areas, as long as you know where to look.

There are two ways to discover secret areas with the airship — by putting in coordinates or by entering passwords. We’ve got a complete list of each and every password and hidden coordinate right here.

Secret Airship Coordinates

Note: Airship coordinates are not easy to point out precisely, so you might need to move your cursor a little within the ranges shown below to hit that sweet spot.

Baaj Temple

Coordinates: X: 11-16 Y: 57-63

Points of Interest:

  • Can do battle with Geosgaeno and finally beat him (the first boss you encountered when you arrive in Spira).
  • Once Geosgaeno is defeated, head south and you can find Lulu’s Celestial Weapon, Onion Knight.
  • Inside the temple, you can find treasure chests that contain 4 x Mega Phoenix and Megalixir.
  • If you have collected all six Destruction Spheres hidden treasures from all of the Cloister of Trials, you will be able to obtain the Aeon Anima.

Battle Site

Coordinates: X:39-43 Y:56-60

Points of Interest:

  • In this area, you want to travel north from the save sphere to find a treasure chest that contains Lulu’s Phantom Bangle.

Besaid Falls

Coordinates: X: 29-32 Y: 73-76

Points of Interest:

  • Atop the rocks near the waterfall, you will find a treasure chest containing Kimahri’s Dragoon Lance weapon.

Mi’ihen Ruins

Coordinates: X: 33-36 Y: 55-60

Points of Interest:

  • In the northern part of this area, you can find a treasure chest holding Rikku’s Sonar weapon.

Omega Ruins

Coordinates: X: 69-75 Y: 33-38

Points of Interest:

  • Great place to grind out Sphere levels.
  • Al Bhed Primer vol. XXVI is found in a chest here.
  • Secret boss Ultima Weapon can be battled here.
  • Superboss Omega Weapon can be battled here.

Sanubia Desert

Coordinates: X: 12-16 Y: 41-45

Points of Interest:

  • This location in the Sanubia Desert features a treasure chest that contains Tidus’s Ascalon weapon.

Airship Passwords

Note: Passwords need to be inputted in capital letters.


Inputting “GODHAND” will open up a new area in Mushroom Rock Road. In the northern section of this area, you will find a treasure chest that holds Rikku’s Celestial Weapon Godhand.


Inputting “MURASAME” will take you to a new location in the Besaid Ruins where you will find a treasure chest that contains Auron’s Murasame weapon.


Inputting “VICTORIOUS” enables you to discover a brand new area in the Besaid Ruins. If you climb the tree in this area you will find some new treasure — Rikku’s Victorious armor.

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