Final Fantasy 14: Complete Guide To Playing Gunbreaker

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Gunbreaker is one of Final Fantasy 14’s three tank classes. Added in the Shadowbringers expansion, the Gunbreaker class gives players the chance to wield the gunblade – a bladed weapon that can also fire magic shells for huge amounts of damage. This class utilises this power to provide incredible defense as the tank in party compositions.

This stylish and exciting job can be easy to learn but hard to master, with a wide range of combo possibilities, defensive skills, and a huge range of utility in its kit. It’s also surprisingly accessible for those learning to tank for the first time and can be the perfect place to learn the fundamentals of tanking in Final Fantasy 14.

How To Unlock Gunbreaker

As with other classes added in expansion content, this class cannot be played from the beginning of the game. In order to unlock Gunbreaker, you must first have reached level 60 with any Disciple of War job and have paid for the Shadowbringers expansion.

After you’ve fulfilled these requirements, Gunbreaker can be unlocked by talking to the NPC God’s Quiver Bow in Central Shroud (X:19, Y:28). This will start the first Job Quest and after completion, unlock the Gunbreaker class, a set of Gunbreaker armour, and the Job Stone item. From this point onwards, the Gunbreaker Job Quests will continue with the NPC Radovan in a variety of locations (see ‘Job Quests’ section below).

How To Play Gunbreaker

As a tank class, the primary objective of Gunbreaker is to draw the attention (‘aggro’) of all enemies the party faces and take the majority of damage from these enemies. Simultaneously, the tank should also be dealing damage and utilising its defensive and self-healing skills to mitigate the amount of damage done overall.

Tanks control the pace of encounters in party-based content and the Gunbreaker is no different. The Gunbreaker in particular has several high damage combos suitable for single targets and multiple targets as well as a range of off-global cooldown defensive skills that can be employed to swiftly regain control of dangerous situations.

A good Gunbreaker should be reactive and quick-thinking, carefully considering all of their skills to deal damage, generate enmity and keep their defenses up in equal measure.

Powder Gauge

The Powder Gauge system for Gunbreaker isn’t particularly complicated but requires some explanation before we offer up recommendations on skills and rotations.

Like other tank job gauges, the center of this gauge is a symbol to indicate if your tank stance, Royal Guard, is on or off. The circle will glow red if it’s on. Generally speaking, it's ideal to keep this tank stance on in most encounters where you’re the primary tank. The one exception is when you’re in parties with multiple tanks and you are not the designated main tank.

Surrounding the light for the Royal Guard are three cartridge slots represented by three circles. These will be empty until you activate a skill such as Solid Barrel or Demon Slaughter, which in addition to doing damage will add a cartridge to your powder gauge. Each glowing blue circle represents one cartridge that can be spent on higher potency skills. Using the skill Continuation, you can chain together multiple cartridge expending skills in one long combo.

Recommended Skills And Rotations

After engaging the Royal Guard tank stance and pulling the enemy, you’ll want to begin engaging the Gunbreaker’s basic damage rotation and getting cartridges ready for more damaging attacks. To do this, all you’ll need to do is a basic three-button combo: this begins with Keen Edge, continues with Brutal Shell, and finishes with Solid Barrel, which will give you one cartridge to spend.

Shortly after beginning combat, you’ll want to engage the ability No Mercy. This is an incredibly useful buff that ensures your attacks do 20 percent more damage. Activate this on cooldown whenever available to keep it active. Ideally, you’ll want to time this to get the most amount of actions within the window of the buff being active.

  • In situations with multiple enemies, you’ll probably want to use Gunbreaker’s two-button AoE rotation. This starts with Demon Slice and finishes with Demon Slaughter. Demon Slaughter will also give you a cartridge to spend.
  • Once you’ve built up some cartridges, you’ll want to start spending them. One way you can do this is with a long combo that uses both global cooldown and off-global cooldown skills.
  • The first attack in this sequence is Gnashing Fang, continuing with an off-global cooldown skill named Jugular Rip (by default this skill is titled Continuation, but changes name depending on where you are in this combo).
  • After Jugular Rip you can perform Savage Claw, then the off-global cooldown skill Abdomen Tear. After Abdomen Tear, you can lead straight into Wicked Talon. It’s a long combo, but it’s worth it for dealing a lot of damage.
  • Burst Strike and the level 86 skill Hypervelocity are also tied to Continuation skill and operate in the same way: Hypervelocity can only be performed under the Ready To Blast buff granted by Burst Strike.

Outside the skills mentioned in these three essential combos, there are a few other weapon skills on the global cooldown that can be used mid-combo or to spend cartridges.

Skill NameSkill Function
Sonic BreakDelivers a 300 potency attack with an additional 60 potency damage over time effect.
Lightning Shot150 potency ranged projectile attack.
Fated CircleFor one Cartridge, deals 290 potency to all nearby enemies.
Double DownDeals 1,200 potency for the first enemy it hits and 20% less for each enemy it hits after that.

It’s important to note that Sonic Break, Burst Strike, and Fated Circle do not interrupt the basic single-target three-button combo, and therefore can be incorporated throughout the rotation.

Double Down is Gunbreaker’s huge damage attack, unlocked at level 90. For two cartridges, you can do an attack to all nearby enemies that deals an incredible 1,200 potency for the first enemy it hits and 20 percent less for each enemy it hits after that.

There are also a number of defensive and offensive abilities that Gunbreaker can apply to bolster their tanking capabilities without using the global cooldown, in addition to a variety of utility skills for specific situations. Some of these are Role Actions, meaning they are shared with other tank jobs.

Skill NameSkill Function
AuroraApplies a 200 potency regeneration effect to the target.
CamouflageIncreases parry rate by 50% and reduces damage taken by 10%
NebulaReduces damage taken by 30% for 15 seconds.
SuperbolideReduces your HP to 1 and grants 10 seconds of invulnerability.
Heart of StoneReduces damage taken for you or a party member by 15%.
Rough DivideA jumping attack with a potency of 150. Holds 2 charges.
RampartReduces damage taken by 20% for 20 seconds.
Arm’s LengthGrants barrier that nullifies 'draw-in' and 'knock back' effects.
ProvokeGenerates a large amount of enmity.
ShirkDiverts 25% of enmity to target.
Heart of LightReduces magic damage taken by self and party members by 10%
Heart of CorundumReduces damage taken by self or party member by 15%, applies regenerative effect when used under the effect of Brutal Shell.
ReprisalReduces damage dealt by nearby enemies by 10%.
BloodfestAdds 3 cartridges to your powder gauge.
Danger Zone250 potency instant cast attack.
Blasting Zone700 potency instant cast attack.
Bow Shock150 potency damage attack to all nearby enemies, plus 60 potency damage over time effect added for 15 seconds.
  • In situations where you’re receiving high damage, Aurora is a useful self-heal, whilst skills like Camouflage and Nebula provide excellent mitigation by increasing your parry rate and damage reduction by high percentages. Nebula has quite a high recast timer at 120 seconds, so be sure to use this only when it’s needed most.
  • Superbolide is the Gunbreaker’s unique ‘emergency button’ skill. Using this skill drops your health down to one HP and makes you impervious to attacks for ten seconds. This is a risky move that should only be used when you’re close to death. It is common to use a macro alongside this skill to also send out a party message, so that the healer is notified and is able to use the short window to heal you.
  • Heart of Stone is another useful skill that can reduce damage taken, but this can also be applied to another party member. Heart of Corundum is like a better version of this same concept, but it also applies a healing effect when the recipient reaches 50 percent or less health.
  • Rough Divide is a skill you should be using often. It’s a jumping attack with the same potency as Keen Edge, but it's an instant-cast ability with a 30-second recast timer, so it can be woven in at various points in your regular rotation.
  • Rampart and Provoke form the essentials of the role actions for Gunbreaker, giving more standard tools for reducing damage and one for generating enmity respectively.
  • Danger Zone and Blasting Zone are variants on an instant cast high potency attack, whilst Bow Shock does a small amount of AoE damage with additional damage over time. Use these in-between combos.

Job Quests

As with other jobs, you’ll need to complete a few Job Quests between levels 60 and 80 to get key items and unlock certain essential skills. These are vital to complete to have the complete range of skills available for the job. Most of these quests will be offered by Radovan in various locations.

Quest NameLevelSkills UnlockedOther Rewards
The Makings of A Gunbreaker60N/ASoul of Gunbreaker, High Steel Gunblade, Outsider's Attire Coffer
Hired Gunblades60N/A
For Better Or For Worse63
Confessions Of A Flaming Mongrel65
Of Defectors And Defenders68
Steel Against Steel70Continuation
Gunblades Of The Patriots80N/ABattledance Materia VII, Savage Aim Materia VII, Savage Might Materia VII

Gear and Materia

As with other tanks, the Gunbreaker uses ‘of Fending’ gear. This type of gear will increase the stats Strength and Vitality as a priority, which will increase your damage and HP respectively.

When it comes to melding materia for Gunbreaker, you’re going to want to go for materia that increases Critical Hit, Skill Speed, and Direct Hit. If you can get an even balance of all three, that’s great, but if you need to prioritise, Critical Hit is always a safe bet for this class.

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