Final Fantasy 14: The Keeper Of The Lake Dungeon Guide

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The Keeper of the Lake is a level 50 dungeon added in patch 2.5 of Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn. This is one of the final content updates of the A Realm Reborn, and the final dungeon you must complete as part of the main story before moving into Heavensward.

However, before you can move into the icy lands of Ishgard, you'll need to get to the bottom of the rumors of Midgardsormr's revival. As you climb through the wreckage of the surrounding the Keeper of the Lake, you'll need to be prepared for some difficult encounters. Let's go over each boss found in this dungeon, and how you can beat them.

How To Unlock The Keeper Of The Lake

The Keeper of the Lake is unlocked through the following Main Scenario Quest.

  • Accept the Main Scenario Quest 'The Rising Chorus'
    • NPC Location: Tataru – The Rising Stones (x:6, y:5)

    After accepting this quest, head to the entrance of the dungeon in Mor Dhona, where the Keeper of the Lake will be unlocked.

    Dungeon Walkthrough

    As you progress through this dungeon, certain enemies will drop Imperial Identification Keys. You will need to pick these up and use them on the Magitek Terminals to deactivate the gates and progress further. These Keys will appear in the section after the first boss, so keep an eye out for a dropped key during that part of the dungeon.

    Upon completing the Keeper of the Lake, you will be rewarded with 100 Tomestones of Poetics.


    The first boss of this dungeon is Einhander. This large bird monster will summon explosive canisters that you'll need to watch out for. Listed below are each of Einhander's attacks and mechanics.

    • Flame Thrower: Deals damage in a cone shape to the boss's front. The Tank should face the boss away from the rest of the party to avoid them being hit with this attack.
    • Heavy Swing: Deals damage in a cone to the front of the boss. Unlike Flame Thrower, this attack is telegraphed, giving you time to run out of the AoE area.
    • Ceruleum Tanks: This is the boss's main mechanic. Throughout the fight, Ceruluem Tanks will be periodically dropped onto the arena. If the boss hits these with any of its attacks, they will begin their detonation countdown. After a few seconds, the canister will explode, dealing damage in an AoE around itself. These can be pushed around by hitting them with an attack, allowing you to move them away from the boss.
      • Eventually, large Ceruleum Tanks will also be dropped. These can not be moved with attacks, and will deal higher damage than the normal versions. Additionally, when the large tanks explode, they will deal unavoidable damage to all party members. Move the boss away from the large tanks or prepare to heal through the damage of its explosion.
    • Intake: Einhander will inhale, sucking in all Ceruluem Tanks and pulling them towards itself. Use an AoE attack on the canisters to spread them out before they begin to explode.
    • Mark XLIII Mini Cannon: Targets a party member with a circle AoE attack. Move outside the area to avoid.
    • The boss will repeat these attacks until it is defeated. As the fight progresses, more Ceruluem Tanks will be dropped. Watch carefully where the canisters drop and make sure the boss doesn't hit them.

      Magitek Gunship

      The second boss of the Keeper of the Lake is the Magitek Gunship. This boss is pretty straightforward, but will use some high-damage attacks that can be deadly if you're not careful. Listed below are each of the Magitek Gunship's attacks.

      • Flame Thrower: Deals continuous damage to the front of the boss. Quickly move outside of the area of this attack to avoid taking too much damage.
      • Garlean Fire: The Gunship will target a random player before moving to an edge of the arena. Then, it will move towards the targeted player, dropping lava puddles along its path. Move near one edge of the arena to limit the area that is covered by this attack, as the lava puddles will deal high damage to players that stand inside them.
        • Eventually, the boss will target two players with this attack, using the attack twice in a row. The two affected players should stay near each other to limit the covered area, while also remaining far enough away to avoid overlapping the damage of this attack.
      • Carpet Bomb: Targets a player and drops an AoE attack on them. Move outside the targeted area to avoid.
      • Cohort Vanguard: Summons adds to the arena. Defeat these quickly.
      • Blitz: Quickly charges towards a player, dealing damage.
      • The boss will repeat these attacks until it is defeated. The main thing to watch out for during this fight is Garlean Fire. Avoid the lava puddles and you'll have no problem taking down the Magitek Gunship.


        The final boss of the Keeper of the Lake is Midgardsormr. The revived spirit of the father of dragons will remain at the top of the arena, and will rely on two Mirage Dragons throughout the fight. Each of the attacks and mechanics present in this fight are listed below.

        • Disdain: Midgardsormr will target a player with an AoE circle attack. Move outside the area to avoid.
        • Admonishment: Midgardsormr will use two sets of line AoEs from the top of the arena. Move outside the line telegraphs to avoid this attack.
        • Inner/Outer Turmoil: Midgardsormr will either use a half-circle AoE at the top of the arena, or a large ring AoE covering the outer edge of the arena, respectively.
        • Mirage Dragons: Midgardsormr will revive two dragons during this fight, one at a time. Each dragon will use different attacks, and, when defeated, will deal damage to Midgardsormr equalling roughly 45 percent of his health. Additionally, when the Mirage Dragon is close to dying, Midgardsormr will begin casting Animadversion, which is detailed below.
          • Purple Mirage Dragon
            • Web of Lightning: Targets a player with an AoE circle attack.
            • The Dragon's Breath: Deals damage in a cone to the front of the dragon.
            • Plasma Release: Deals damage to all party members. Use AoE heals to recover.
          • Astraea: This add is summoned to the arena when a Mirage Dragon is close to dying. It carries the Magitek Field Generator that must be activated to avoid Animadversion. Defeat this enemy as quickly as possible.
          • Blue Mirage Dragon