Final Fantasy 16 Won’t Have Any Loading Times

The world waits with breath that is bated for Final Fantasy 16, even if the main protagonist is called Clive. Despite that, Square Enix has many fans of the series on tenterhooks as more details are being steadily dripped out, while the game does look visually impressive.

The graphics seem to look better and better as we get nearer the June 22, 2023 launch date in fact. Lately, Square Enix honcho and series veteran Yoshi-P had some intriguing things to say about the game and the platform for which the title is a timed exclusive. On a Final Fantasy 16 livestream, Yoshi-P had some enthusiastic words for the PlayStation 5 (thanks Genki and via Pushsquare).

"Look at the power of the PS5!" were the words of Naoki Yoshida. He was speaking in reference to the latest 'Revenge' trailer for the game where he marveled at what the team were capable of producing thanks to Sony's hardware capabilities (as well as the developers' expertise of course). It seems Final Fantasy 16 will be a real showcase for the power of the PS5, according to the producer.

In addition, thanks to the PS5's SSD and other hardware goodies, the game will have a lack of loading screens. "It's all real-time rendering," Yoshi-P said in relation to the latest trailer. "No loading! It's become a game that is like, 'look at the power of the PS5!'"

Meanwhile, over on Resetera, it was noted how the game's graphics have improved by a lot since the title was first revealed, with the OP including screenshots to demonstrate how the game has progressed, and judging by the images it's a real indication of how far along Final Fantasy 16 has come.

However, it is by no means a stunner simply because of graphical grunt with various commentors on the Resetera thread applauding the Square Enix devs for the artistry they've displayed in bringing the game and its concepts to visual life. The art direction has certainly suggested the darker and more mature themes players can expect in the upcoming game, while the lack of loading screens should provide a seamless experience on PS5.

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