Final Fantasy Origin Website Rick Rolled Fans This Morning

The last place you expect to get Rick Rolled is an official website with an official link to an official trailer. But that's what Final Fantasy Origin did this morning.

Its first expansion was announced, called Trials of the Dragon King, which fans were naturally excited to learn more about. But when they clicked "Watch Trailer" on the website, they were met with Rick Astley's Never Gonna Give You Up instead. It's since been amended with the actual trailer, but for a short while, it was a Rick Roll.

It's unclear if this was Square Enix purposefully poking fun at fans with a little prank or if it was a blunder, accidentally pasting the wrong hyperlink. Whatever the case, it's now fixed.

Maybe we'll hear Jack singing along to Never Gonna Give You Up in the new DLC, bopping his head while he takes care of some chaos. Maybe. For now, this is a weird little callback that appeared as quickly as it vanished, but you can see what it looked like in the embedded tweet above.

The actual trailer—which I promise isn't a Rick Roll anymore—is a 43-second clip showing off the new big bad. Jack then quips, "Don't forget about our deal" to a winged behemoth before a cut to gameplay where we see our heroes battling all kinds of fantastical knights. There's no sign of Rick Astley, but give modders enough time and it might just happen.

Speaking of modders, Kingdom Hearts fans are getting antsy waiting for the new game, and so are Final Fantasy fans. So TruebladeModder went back to the kitchen and cooked up a strange mix, adding Final Fantasy 16-inspired moves to Kingdom Hearts 3. Coupled with their other Kingdom Hearts 4-inspired grappling hook mod, you can get a taste of the new game a little early.

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