Final Pokemon Evolutions Episode Has A Red & Blue Cameo

The final episode of The Pokemon Company's animated YouTube series, Pokemon Evolutions has just premiered online. Without giving away any spoilers in case you haven't seen the episode for yourself yet, you should know there's a blink and you'll miss it cameo in the finale. If you'd rather try and find it for yourself, look away now.

As first reported by Nintendolife (via a quick spot from game developer TAHK0) at the end of the episode, our protagonists look out at Pikachu playing in a field and grabbing some flowers. Just to the top right of the frame, eagle-eyed viewers will be able to spot a familiar face. At 8:42, jus to the right of the interesction is the NPC from Red & Blue who says, "Technology Is Incredible!"

Unfortunately, he doesn't say the line in the show, but you can tell from the way he's drawn it's definitely him. This NPC is one of the first players speak to when starting a new adventure in the original Pokemon games, released back in 1996.

He's become something of an easter egg within Pokemon games over the years, featuring in a lot of the main series. You can find him in every mainline game as well as their remakes and sequels. In Gen 3, his movement is used to help speedrunners determine what RNG manipulations they need to use, and in Gen 6 he appears as a Hiker for a change.

This is a fun moment in the series for sure, paying homage to one of the game's most consistent characters. The anime is also great for more memorable scenes. The games are also filled with easter eggs that many players miss on their first go.

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