Fortnite: All Weekly Quests

A new Fortnite Season has started, which means there's a new Battle Pass and Bonus Rewards to unlock up to Level 200. Completing weekly quests makes this much easier since they'll all give you a considerable amount of experience points, so leveling up doesn't require so much grinding as it would otherwise.

Chapter Three Season Two is going to be available until June 3, 2022, so you have until then to complete all weekly challenges that are released. These challenges will be accessible until the last day of the Season – there's no need to worry about them disappearing after a short time like some limited-time challenges.

Week One

The first week of the season is going to be a bit rough, building has been deactivated and won't be back until the next update when the next weekly quests will become available. Thankfully, since it's the start of the season, you should have plenty to do to distract you from this fact, such as unlocking all the new map locations and discovering every new mechanic in the game.

There are seven weekly quests for this first week and they're all worth 20,000 XP. There are also Season Bonus Goals which is extra XP that you'll get to complete a certain number of weekly quests. Tier One of the Season Bonus Goals requires you to complete two, four, and seven quests, each of these milestones is worth an extra 40,000 XP. This means that if you complete all weekly quests this week you'll get a total of 260,000 XP – three and a half Levels.

  • Use the Repair Torch to fix a vehicle (200)

The Repair Torch is a Rare rarity item and can be often found as floor loot. To get through this task you'll have to fix 200 damage on a vehicle which is the maximum a Repair Torch can repair. If you want to get through this quest as fast as possible, what you should do is find a car and damage it yourself by shooting at it and then approach it with the Repair Torch and repair it.

  • Spend bars (500)

Bars are reset once a new Season starts, so this challenge is a great incentive to start collecting bars and spending them right away. Collect 500 gold bars and spend them either by interacting with vending machines or NPCs.

  • Mantle onto a ledge within three seconds of sprinting (3)

Mantling is a new mechanic, it's sort of like Parkour and the animations are awesome. Tactical is also something new to the game. For this quest, you'll have to mantle up a structure within three seconds of sprinting. Just run up to a structure after sprinting and grab onto the ledge. Do this a total of three times to receive your reward.

  • Search chests on IO Airships (3)

IO Airships can now be found flying over POIs such as Tilted Towers, Rocky Reels, Command Cavern, the Daily Bugle, and Condo Canyon. Visit any of these airships and search three chests to get your XP. To make this task easier you can even access the computer on top of the airship that scans the place and reveals all nearby enemies and chests.

  • Launch yourself 150 meters from a Siege Cannon (150)

Wherever there's an IO Airship there's a Siege Cannon. While you're completing other quests on these ships you can go ahead and finish this one as well. All the IO Airships that Siege Cannon on top that you can launch yourself from. On the ground at these POIs there are also Siege Cannon that you can find.

Look towards a direction that doesn't have many structures or trees blocking the way so you can launch yourself 150 meters without hitting the ground.

  • Deal damage to IO Forces (500)

With the IO Airships everywhere there are also OI Forces all over the map. Now they even teleport and get into tanks! You have to deal a total of 500 damage to these hostile AIs to complete this quest. You can progress in this quest slowly over a few matches or you can prepare yourself by shielding up and getting strong weapons and then striking at an IO Airship at full force.

  • Collect a Drum Shotgun and a Combat SMG in a single match

​​​​​​​The Drum Shotgun and the Combat SMG have been added to the game this Season and Epic wants you to give them a chance and try them out which is exactly why they're giving you some easy XP if you do so. All you have to do here is get your hands on these two weapons in the same match. You might want to pick a calm POI so you don't have to risk getting eliminated early on.

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