Fortnite consume a legendary fish: How to catch legendary fish for week 6 challenge

Fortnite consume a legendary fish is one of the week 6 season 4 chapter 2 challenges. As per usual, the latest Fortnite challenges have leaked before going live – giving Battle Royale players a chance to figure out solutions. And one of the hardest challenges this week will be Fortnite consume a legendary fish.

Other Fortnite challenges may test a player’s skill because an object like a gnome or rubber duck is hidden away, or because players need to head to a secret location.

But Fortnite consume a legendary fish is difficult for an altogether different reason.

That’s because there’s no shortcuts to solving this challenge, you’ll have to put in the hard graft to keep fishing until you manage to reel in a legendary fish.

To aid you in your hunt for a legendary fish it’s because to head to a named POI with a large body of water surrounding it.

Locations such as Sweaty Sands, The Authority, Lazy Lake or Coral Castle are good spots to go to.

You can then fish with a fishing pole, or even use a harpoon gun, rockets in the speed boats or explosives.

Fishing spots appear as small bits of white located in the waters in rivers, lakes, and ponds.

Simply head there, cast out and fish until you get a legendary fish. Patience will be required, while you may need to head to multiple spots before you land the big catch.

As outlined in a post by GameSpot, here are the different fish you can catch in Fortnite…

• Floppers: Heal 40 Health Points (Up to 100)

• Slurpfish: Heal 50 Health/Shield

• Spicy Fish: Heal 15 Health/Temporary Speed Boost

• Hop Floppers: Give Players Better Jumping/Low Gravity

• Jellyfish: Every Players Nearby 20 Health (Like Chug Splashes)

• Shieldfish: Gain 50 Shield

• Thermal Fish: Gives Players Thermal Vision

• Small Fry: Heal 25 (Up to 75)

Legendary fish are the orange versions of every fish, and like legendary weapons are more difficult to stumble across.

Consuming fish helps you replenish health, while if you manage to catch and consume a legendary fish you’ll get 25,000XP for completing the week 6 season 4 chapter 2 task.

Head to this video from YouTuber Fortnite Events if you want to see a successful attempt to catch a legendary fish.

And, in case you’re wondering, here is a list of all of the Fortnite week 6 challenges…


• Search Chests at Weeping Woods (7)

• Eliminations at Misty Meadows (3)

• Collect Stone from Coral Castle (300)

• Consume a Legendary fish (1)

• Consume Foraged Items at Holly Hedges (10)

• Ride a Zipline from Retail Row to Steamy Stacks (1)

• Deal damage after knocking an opponent back with Black Panther’s Kinetic Shockwave (1,000)

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