Fortnite Might Be Getting A Limited-Time "No Build" Mode

Fortnite is rumoured to be getting a "No Build" mode in the near future.

Although building is one of the things that separated Fortnite from PUBG when it first launched, as it's become more mainstream there have been cries for it to be removed and let players just focus on the shooting. Anyone who's played Fortnite and managed to get into the final five will no doubt have run into master builders and swore that Fortnite would be more fun without all the construction.

Well, if reliable Fortnite leaker HYPEX is to be believed, it's looking like Epic Games is currently working on a "No Build" mode for Fortnite. HYPEX took to Twitter to share an image of what looks like a playlist from within Fortnite's files. It's named "No Build Duos" and shows a default Fortnite skin with a rifle overlooking The Island.

On the mode, HYPEX said, "Reminder that Epic are working on a "No Build" LTM.. I feel like this LTM would be so good right now with the Spiderman Mythic & Sliding. They'd just need to reduce damage to environment in that LTM".

HYPEX previously shared the "No Build" image back in late October, so it's clear that it's been a part of the game's files for some time now. It's not currently clear whether or not the mode will be a limited-time event, but most new playlists are only up for a limited time, so for now it's fair to assume that it'll be the same.

Although the mode itself might seem exciting, it's best to think that it might not be coming for a while. The "No Build" mode has been known about for a good chunk of 2021 and still hasn't had anything done with it. HYPEX doesn't give any new update on the mode or when to expect it, and is simply reminding Fortnite players that it's in the works.

Still, considering how many players have been asking for a No Build mode, it's exciting to think it might be on the way soon.

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