Fortnite Pros Are Adamant Game’s Henchmen Have Received A Secret Buff

Players and pros alike have united over their hatred of Fortnite‘s henchmen, claiming this week’s update made them deadlier than ever.

There was a long wait for the second season of Fortnite Chapter 2, and with good reason. The season brought with it some pretty major changes. The addition of four brand new locations, for starters. Those locations, as well as a couple of others, are guarded by bosses and their henchmen. Defeat those foes and a vault of high-end goodies awaits.

Slaying the bosses and their henchmen and then claiming their loot is easier said than done. The AI characters have pretty good aim and won’t hesitate should they be alerted to a player’s presence. Plus, there’s the added threat of regular players with the same idea as you, trying to claim the prizes for themselves.

The latest accusation by a number of Fortnite players is that Epic has made the already hard to beat henchmen even tougher. Update 12.10 was rolled out this week and it feels as if the henchmen guarding the various faults have become even better at the jobs. Fortnite pro Ninja has led the charge with the accusations, exclaiming that “they have buffed the henchmen” to his three Squad teammates during the stream below.

Fellow streamer Tfue doesn’t often agree with Ninja, but it would appear that he does in this instance. Tfue has made similar complaints about Midas and how tough it is to get to the vault at The Agency. Non-pro players around the world have been echoing Ninja and Tfue’s complaints. Some have even reached the point where they have become warier of henchmen than of rival players.

If Epic has made Fortnite‘s henchmen more powerful, it wouldn’t be the first time they’ve changed the game and neglected to include information in the patch notes. It also might not be the worst idea in the world despite the complaints from the Fortnite community. If a player defeats a boss and claims the loot from their vault, they have a massive advantage over the rest of the field. Getting that loot should be difficult to do as it significantly increases the chance of a Victory Royale.

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