Fortnite Reboot: Epic Games’ Reboot A Friend Website is back with Fortnite rewards

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Gamers can sign up again to the Fortnite Reboot A Friend website, complete with new rewards.

Epic Games has brought back the program in April to make it possible to earn loot, although this does come with a few disclaimers.

While the new Fortnite Reboot A Friend rewards are free to unlock, they’re not exclusive to the program.

This means that in the future, the same rewards might be available to unlock via a different process.

But as rewards go, freebies are always very much appreciated, even if they are recycled in the future.

As with the first offering, the latest Fortnite Reboot event starts with signing up for the official Reboot A Friend Fortnite Site.

The good news is that the program is open to everyone who can find a friend to join them in a match.

The first step is to visit and follow the directions to login with your Epic account.

This is then followed by inviting friends who have not played Fortnite in thirty 30 days or more, each, a “Lapsed Player” to play Fortnite.

Epic Games has confirmed that Reboot a Friend is available from April 6, 2021, at 3 AM ET through April 26, 2021, at 2:59 AM ET.

And gamers who don’t have any Rebootable Friends can still earn points, however, they will not reach the maximum points on offer.

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A message from the Fortnite support team adds: “There are four total rewards you can earn from Reboot a Friend. Those include the Reboot Spray, Heartbeat Wrap, Toxic Flash Glider, and the Plasma Carrot Pickaxe (2 variants)

“These are not exclusive items. The rewards that are a part of Reboot a Friend between April 6 and April 27 have never been released before. However, at some point, they may be available for purchase.

“Both invitees and those inviting friends can unlock rewards by playing games together.

“Rewards will be granted to your account within seven days of unlocking them through progress. Playing a game with a rebooted player earns you and that player 100 points. Every game after that is worth 10 points.

“If you have no rebootable friends, you can still earn points by selecting any friend on your friend list as a squadmate. You’ll be able to earn 10 points per game with these friends. Note: you won’t be able to score the 100-point first-game bonus.”

So to clarify, the first steps towards unlocking new rewards via the Fortnite Reboot program:

  • Head over to the Reboot a Friend website.
  • Choose up to three eligible friends you’d like to reboot.
  • Play games with those friends to earn points and receive prizes.
  • Drop-in and join the fun to earn never-before-released items — for FREE! Note: these items may be made available to players elsewhere at another date.

More news regarding the return Fortnite Reboot is expected in the coming days, although it’s unclear if any other extra rewards will be added before it ends later in April.

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