Fortnite’s Latest Character Survey Includes Gus Fring

The latest character survey from the developer behind Fortnite, Epic Games, apparently included Gustavo Fring from Breaking Bad alongside Power Rangers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Pirates of the Caribbean, Black Adam, Khaby Lame, Charli d’Amelio, Miles Morales, Fe4rless, Dead by Daylight, and What If…? Speculators have been suggesting that any one of these could soon be appearing in the wildly popular adventure game.

The news comes from a reliable source on Fortnite leaks, HypeX. “Gustavo Fring from Breaking Bad is actually mentioned in Fortnite's latest survey,” the leaker pointed out before listing off the other notable intellectual properties.

Fring is a fictional character played by the actor Giancarlo Esposito in the series Breaking Bad and its prequel Better Call Saul. The figure is a major drug dealer in the Southwest who makes use of several different small businesses including a chain of restaurants called Los Pollos Hermanos and a laundry called Lavanderia Brillante as fronts for laundering money. The character is known for his brutality despite somehow maintaining a positive outward appearance.

This comes in the wake of news that Fring has been modded into another wildly popular game, MultiVersus. The modder going by the name of DrZebi on the website Gamebanana noted how players will be able to “slice the competition's throat” as the character. Fring began his descent into crime by murdering a man with a boxcutter. According to DrZebi, the new model “goes over Arya Stark.” The modder also plans to update their work in the future. “I will update this mod with custom color for teams and custom audio when I have the time,” DrZebi said.

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