Forza Street Now Available On iOS & Android

Forza Street is now available on iOS and Android. Best of all? The new mobile game from the stalwart racing franchise is free-to-play.

There are a handful of racing game franchises that have been around for years, yet continue to deliver great new content with each installment. Forza is one of those franchises. First released in 2005, Forza releases a Motorsport title every odd year, and a Horizons game every even year. However, it has bucked that trend to make a bold new venture onto mobile.

Forza Street is now available on iOS and Android this week, the first time a Forza game has hit the platform. It’s also pretty different from Forza‘s usual focus. As the name implies, Street‘s focus is on street racing rather than tracks or off-roading. Sort of like Need for Speed, but different enough not to tread on any toes over at EA.

If successful, this might not be the last Forza fans see on mobile. Although there is more competition on mobile than any other platform, it is free-to-play, so it could be tempting for mobile gamers who have previously been unable to play Forza. Plus, Xbox owners who give it a try can link Forza Street to their Xbox Live accounts. Players who do so will get a bonus and can compete in Rivals mode.

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