G Fuel Sanic Chili Dogs Is The Sonic The Hedgehog Flavor You Never Knew You Wanted

Before you dismiss this article as some kind of April Fool’s Day joke, please rest assured that this news is (wildly) somehow totally true.

Sega has announced an all-new chili dog energy drink from gaming lifestyle brand, G Fuel, inspired by the speed of Sanic Hegehog – the popular Sonic the Hedgehog-inspired meme. The brand-new flavor called, G Fuel Sanic Chili Dog, will be available for purchase in the U.S. and Canada as a limited-edition Sanic Bundle, which will include a 40-serving Sanic Chili Dogs tub, a 16 oz Sanic shaker cup, and a 40-serving add-on tub of Sonic’s Peach Rings.

Waiting list pre-orders will be available for $39.99, but sign-ups will be ending tomorrow, April 2 at 3pm ET. Bundles are expected to ship this June.

While no one asked for this, the partnership between Sega and G Fuel makes a lot more sense than you might think. It’s a well-known fact that Sonic… err, Sanic, derives his energy boosts from chili dogs. Similarly, G Fuel – The Official Energy Drink of Esports – gives players a boost of energy whether they are in need of a quick pick-me-up, or preparing for an all-night gaming session.

The savory flavor reportedly tastes just like a chili dog, coming “sugar-free and loaded with antioxidants from 18 different fruit extracts.” Each serving contains 15 calories and 140 mg of caffeine, as well as G Fuel’s proprietary energy and focus-enhancing ingredients.

“The Sanic meme still cracks us up after all of these years. We’re thrilled to work with Sega again on our second, and yes, very real, Sonic the Hedgehog-inspired crossover flavor,” said G Fuel Founder and CEO, Cliff Morgan, in a press release. “If you’re waiting for us to yell ‘April Fools,’ don’t hold your breath. G Fuel Sanic Chili Dogs is the real deal.”

Michael Cisneros, Manager of Licensing for Sega of America, shared how the partnership came about, stating, “After the runaway success of the G Fuel Sonic’s Peach rings flavor, Sega and G Fuel sat in a room together (virtual, of course) to try and figure out how to one-up ourselves. After much deliberation, someone jokingly said, “What about a chilidog flavor?”, to which – we all kind of laughed, and then latched on to its simplistic brilliance. I mean, who doesn’t want to drink a chili dog? Right?”

G Fuel Sanic Chili Dog seems like the perfect flavor for the brave, especially if it’s anything like the Sonic-inspired chili dog protein shake that TheGamer tried out.

Waiting list pre-orders for the G Fuel Sanic Bundle are up on G Fuel’s website. Gotta go fast, though, as sign-ups will end at 3pm ET on April 2, 2021.

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