Gamer trash talks woman online – has NO CLUE wife is listening to the whole thing

In the cringe-inducing clip, a bunch of gamer friends are seen playing a game online called My Boyfriend.

The team create characters before messing about with the game, which sees a female character attempting to meet a male.

But at one point, as the camera follows the female character around the game, one of the team members says: “You’ve got a s*** ponytail. Ugh, that’s not how you get a guy.”

Another responds: “You’re like, 36, what are you doing with a ponytail?”

“Yeah, note to ladies, don’t wear your hair in a ponytail wear it down on your shoulders.

“Because then it indicates that you are a female,” the first man says.

Little do the friends know, one of the team’s wife is sat directly behind.

The camera cuts to her as she swivels her chair around to face the camera.

Donning a ponytail of her own, it’s clear to see she is not best please.

“The look on her face was priceless,” one viewer commented on the clip after it was shared on Reddit.

Another said: “Ponytails are attractive what are you on about?”

While a third added: “Someone is getting very not laid.”

It turns out the footage was actually a joke video made by popular online gamers Funhaus.

The friends regularly post videos while playing games online to their YouTube channel which has more than a million subscribers.

“Don't worry, your majestic ponytail reminds me of a beautiful unicorn,” one loyal fan wrote online.

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