Games Inbox: How many episodes will Final Fantasy 7 Remake be?

The Wednesday Inbox considers the possibility of a new Capcom Five, as one reader warns about Elite Series 2 controllers.

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Multiple part question
So Final Fantasy 7 Remake looks amazing but I see they still haven’t addressed the key question: how many episodes is it going to be? So many people are going to buy that game with no idea that it’s not the full story and it is going to set the Internet alight.

It’s obvious Square Enix are doing it on purpose at this point, so as to not put anyone off, but it leaves a lot more questions than just how many there’s going to be. Like, is there going to be saved data carrying on from one episode to the next, like Mass Effect? Because if it doesn’t not only are characters going to have to start from scratch each episode (or at some arbitrary watermark) but it’s going to greatly lesson the important of side quests.

If I do the Fort Condor question to get the Phoenix materia will that be carried over and if it’s not will you just get it by default or have it taken away? Or will they just remove that whole side quest? Lots of questions and they clearly don’t want to answer any of them.


Capcom Five
Seen some rumours from a fairly reliable Capcom leaker, that says they’ve got four big releases coming out in the next 12 months, two of which are Resident Evil, and a fifth more medium-sized game. No clue as to what the others are but it’s obvious to hope one might be a non-Resident Evil remake and at least one a new IP.

For me Capcom has been the best developer of the last couple of years, in the sense that I now look forward to everything they do and would probably buy it straight away, without worrying about reviews (unless the preview build-up had been really bad or something).

Doesn’t seem to be any indication of when they’ll be announced, but if it really is that many it can’t be too long.


Rare quality
Currently experiencing a hangover from the dizzy high that the Final Fantasy 7 Remake demo gave me last night. The word remake used to make me groan with disgust. Brings up memories of Gus Van Sant’s 1998 remake of Psycho, which is only worth watching for the novelty factor alone. In gaming, apart from the brilliant Resident Evil 1 remake on the GameCube, it normally meant shoddy ports of SNES and Mega Drive games given HD facelifts that sucked the life and soul out of the game.

However, beginning with Resident Evil 2 last year my opinion of gaming remakes has definitely started to turn towards appreciation. My top games of last year were Resident Evil 2 and Crash Team Racing (which oddly started as a facelift of the original, but with consistently brilliant free DLC has completely changed and become superior to the original game). Yes, Crash and Spyro got the remaster treatment, as did MediEvil and the loveable Abe. These felt more like nostalgic throwback than the triple-A jobs done on Resident Evil 2 and Final Fantasy 7.

The demo just released looks amazing, plays amazing, and it finally feels like the vision they had in 1997 has been realised on screen. This is from a generous 30-minute slice of gameplay! Along with the Resident Evil 3 remake due out the same month we seem to be moving past a time when remakes stand in the shadow of the original game. Now they stand tall and are fantastic games in their own right. If quality, respect and dedication to the source material like this is upheld, then long may the remakes continue!
Aaron Flood

GC: We’re not sure remakes – which tend to be quite rare – ever had the poor reputation you’re implying. What 16-bit games are you thinking of exactly?


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Elite lottery
Some thoughts on my experiences with the Xbox Elite Controller Series 2, which released last year.

I bought two of them in December, for my son and myself. Upon taking receipt I decided to give them a quick quality check. I had heard one or two reports of problems, albeit the vast majority (and all the main site reviews) were good.

One of the controllers seemed to be perfect, however the other had problems. The ‘A’ button was slightly spongey and sticky, and one of the paddles on the back didn’t respond quite like the others.

I put the perfect one away for my son’s Christmas and sent the other for replacement with Amazon.
Upon receiving the replacement, it seemed on first glance to be perfect.

However, after about three weeks of use I again noticed that one of the face buttons, this time the ‘B’ was becoming spongey.

I returned it to Amazon once again and elected to take a full refund. I don’t know what is happening in the factory to make such a lottery of build quality. It seems I am not the only one experiencing problems, albeit it should be noted there are generally favourable buyer reviews on Amazon and elsewhere.

I think if you receive a good one you are sorted, as the device is otherwise of sublime quality. But it’s simply too expensive to be allowed any free ground on build quality.

For now I’ve gone back to my Elite Series 1 controller. Perhaps I will retry a Series 2 if/when Microsoft have addressed the issue.
My advice to anyone considering a purchase is to do so from a seller that makes returns painless.


X versus Y
The gaming industry has a long and continued use of numbers and gobbledygook by fanboys and marketing departments to say X is better than Y, because it has this much more colours/bits/teraflops/is true 4K, etc… which we all agree is nonsense. Arguing the toss between the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 is pointless as they will be practically the same machine and I’ll be the first to tell someone to get their coat if they try to convince me one is better than the other because it can trace more rays.

But loads of tech talk is not fanboy one-upmanship. Generational leaps change what’s achievable, how many rays one can do over the other is not important but ray-tracing (for better or worse) is a feature worthy of discussion and there’s valid arguments to say a fast paced shooter like Doom greatly benefits from 60fps, the developers of that game certainly think so. I get tired of the reaction by some to any tech talk as being fanboyism and to tell developers just to show them the games, as the tech don’t matter.

Everyone wants to see the games, not just you. If they are rubbish no one’s going to buy the console even if it is powered by IBM’s Summit. 148.6 petaflops for number lovers. Still smaller than the original Xbox One though apparently. Actually, I quite liked the chunky VCR look of it to be honest and I read Summit covers the size of two basketball courts whereas the Xbox was just the one, so I lied for effect.


Observable facts
I appreciate the fact GameCentral has always held up Nintendo games for their quality, over the predictable sausage machine for Call Of Duty, Assassin’s Creed, FIFA, and co… from other quarters. But on the other hand it frustrates me when you constantly criticise the big N for a lack of good, new games or information about them. Another strange silence from Nintendo, you say.

It happened all the way back to the N64, GameCube, and Wii and I would have thought you’d know by now that we get four amazing games per console, and the rest is really in the hands of the gaming gods. These gaming geniuses take the same approach every time, and personally I’m glad of it. I’d rather have F-Zero, Excite Truck, Super Mario Galaxy, and Zelda: Breath Of The Wild over thousands of other games on any console you’d care to mention. Quality at this level costs huge amounts of time and to expect one AAA hit after another is plain silly. Such talent is allowed to sit in the corner of the pub and say nothing from time to time you know.

We’ve also got to remember that this is a repeat of the backdoor trick we saw with the Wii to capture sales for the Switch. Nintendo has essentially created a tablet that you can play Fortnite on, which is why it’s making its way into so many greasy mitts, and NOT because of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild and Bayonetta. Similarly, with the Wii, it was all those ridiculous Wii Fit boards and motion controls that got the buzz going, as Super Mario Galaxy on its own would have had a tough job over the GTA brigade on fellow consoles. Put simply, Nintendo knows how to put a stripe in the toothpaste.

Looking at Nintendo’s track record we should be AMAZED at how well it consistently achieves, what with probably the best console ever made in my opinion (the DS) selling zillions upon zillions around the world in its many shapes and forms. I think the DS alone deserves to be held up as one of the most important gaming devices ever made and that achievement alone should forgive Nintendo of taking its time over anything ever again! Even today I have a HUGE collection of carts for my son to play on the DS Lite and 3DS, as I simply can’t abide any of the online nonsense modern consoles and tablets insist you take part in. Oh, and that’s why I have an offline Wii U and not a Switch!

Keep up the good work, Metro, still the best place for gaming,
Will Sargent

GC: None of that rings true for us. We’ve never known Nintendo to be this quiet for this long, for no obvious reason. We’re also not sure where your four-game rule has come from, especially since we had a feature yesterday that listed at least 14 high quality exclusives for the Switch. Plus, Fortnite didn’t come out on the Switch until the console was over a year old and already a confirmed hit with the best-selling Zelda ever. There’s no need to try and mythologise Nintendo in this way; the current dearth of news isn’t even a criticism, just an observation.


Missing out
I’m starting to feel really put out by the fact that I’ll be missing out on what is basically Half-Life 3 because I don’t have a VR headset. For me Valve are even harder to understand than Nintendo. Doing your own thing is great and all but they clearly don’t have much respect for their fans, who have been waiting more than a decade for closure but now can’t get it because they don’t have a £400+ bit of kit that Valve wanted an excuse to mess around with.

I don’t want to come across as entitled but would a non-VR version really be too much to ask for? Or, you know, a proper sequel a decade ago?


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Like a Dragon
Wowsers. The fighting in Dragon Ball FighterZ feels incredibly fluid and frenzied. I’m loving the intricacies and immediacy of the fighting system. But more impressively, the balance between the accessibility and complexity of the gameplay mechanics is impeccable.

Season 3’s introduction of a new fighter, gameplay optimisations, and the a more flexible Z Assist system (tag team features for the uninitiated) is very welcome. I would unreservedly recommend this game to novices of the genre. There’s even a quite substantial single-player mode for those that seek more POW for their pound!

It’s my very first Arc Systems game (first Dragon Ball game too, nor am I remotely versed in the show’s storied universe), but consider me a fan of this developer now, what a fantastic, exuberant effort.

Especially the sumptuous cel-shaded like art design of the character models. It genuinely feels like an interactive episode of the classic anime. Some of the more epic combos I’ve seen from skilled players are like some form of kinetic art. The way the fights transition to the super move cut scenes is elegant in its seamlessness, and visually stunning.

I play mainly for fun and pure spectacle, rather than any fiercely competitive edge but rarely has being continuously pulverised by adept players that effortlessly chain a hundred plus combos felt so weirdly entertaining. Like a journeyman admiring a master at work. Prepare to have your gamer pride split asunder proud people. No pain no gain, etc., etc.

Now I would like to explore the developer’s flagship games, the Guilty Gears and BlazBlues. Problem is there are quite a few entries in each respective series and I’m slightly lost as to where I should start. Any advice would be greatly appreciated from GC and the fine readership. Thanks. And keep on fighting… fighters. We’re going to kick COVID-19’s hind parts, so to speak.
Galvanized Gamer

GC: BlazBlue: Central Fiction is the most recent entry, while the new Guilty Gear Strive is due out this autumn.


Inbox also-rans
Happy birthday to the Switch! An amazing console and definitely my favourite of this generation, even if Nintendo does seem to have forgotten to make any new games for it.

The BAFTA awards are always a joke with the games they choose. I don’t know why they even bother nominate games that aren’t heavily story based, as they’re the only ones that ever win.


This week’s Hot Topic
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The obvious choice is a game or console you were really looking forward to but it can also include preview events, or shows like E3, that ended up being a disappointment. Do you think the let-down was the company’s fault or would you admit to having unreasonable expectations?

Did the disappointment cause you to readjust how you look forward to new games and announcements? Are you often disappointed by games or events or have you since learnt to keep expectations in check?

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