Games Inbox: Which is your favourite pokemon?

The Friday Inbox tries to guess what Rockstar’s next game will be, as one reader catches Amazon selling pirated video games.

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Old favourite
So after the shock result that Pikachu is not the most popular pokémon or even close to it, I have to ask what is? Greninja, I guess. But I never liked that one and would not even have remembered it if not for being Smash Bros. My favourite is probably Slowpoke. I know that’s a Gen I choice, so some may think it’s just nostalgia, but I just have to look at one of the things and I start laughing.

There’s a friend of mine that I regularly call Slowpoke (yes, I know it was a word beforehand) and I think that probably adds to it as well. Also I feel a cuddly toy of it would probably work great as a pillow. I don’t have one, but I bet they exist.

I will say that a lot of the designs from Sword and Shield are good as well and I particularly like Sirfetch’d, Corviknight, Toxtricity, Dragapult, and Polteageist. After all these years it’s great that the games are still coming out with great designs and ideas. I know Sword and Shield had some problems, and I don’t know why the graphics are so bad, but I still really enjoyed it. It’s a great comfort game and perfect for short bursts on the train.

It’s probably too specific for a Hot Topic but I’m curious to know what other people’s favourites are too, and if they’re from older or newer games.


Inscrutable art
I was going to write in with my informed and logical suggestion for what that Rockstar artwork is all about, but… I really don’t know. I suppose the best guess is that it’s just a bit of random art because someone at Rockstar likes sexy robots. But if it is supposed to be some kind of follow-up to Vice City I’d love that. Would they do that with GTA Online still brining in so much money? I mean GTA 5 is still in the top 10 after all these years, so nobody’s going to want to shoot that golden goose.

If it’s something new though I don’t see what you could guess at from the art. I mean I’d love if it was a sci-fi game that had an 80s view of the future, sort of a brighter, cleaner, more neon version of cyberpunk. That’d be awesome but I’m not sure I can imagine Rockstar really doing that.

I’m there for whatever it is (assuming it’s not another table tennis game) but I don’t feel I’ve learnt anything from this week’s revelations. Maybe we’ll learn something when the new consoles are revealed?


Full perspective
It shows how young gaming is really but developers dying of old age is not really something we’ve had to deal with before. I know there’s been some, like the maker of The Lords of Midnight, but most of the creators we’ve lost so far have been through illness or accidents rather than old age. But what happens when Shigeru Miyamoto retires or dies? Or Warren Spector or Yu Suzuki? They’re all getting on in age and I am going to be distraught at finding out the bad news.

Even Hideo Kojima is no spring chicken. He’s 56 I found out recently and starting to look like it all of a sudden. Not that I’m worried that there aren’t plenty of talented individuals to take up their steed but most developers of that age basically helped to invent the games industry – they saw it from its very beginnings to where it is now and that offers a perspective that younger developers aren’t going to have.


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Out on your own
Wow, Platinum are really spending that money they got from China, eh? Good on them I say. Like the other reader said, I’ve liked almost all their stuff and love that they’re always making something new. I have to say I’d much rather they stuck with single-player games rather than games as a service, but they’ve earned the benefit of the doubt from me.

I do worry what happens if none of these games are a success though. Everyone jokes about Platinum games never selling but it seems to me the fact that they were working for hire a lot of the time is probably what saved them from going under.

Owning everything is good and all but it also means owning the failures and they may end up regretting turning down some of those other investors.


Looking for group
Thanks for the advice regarding forming a team in Hunt: Showdown to overcome the extreme difficulty levels. Only problem is none of my friends are gamers.

So I’m extending an invitation to anyone who owns the game on PlayStation 4. I work full time and have kids, so most I’ll get to play the game in the evening is an hour or two. If anyone wants to team up with a busted 36-year-old hit me up with an invite.


Symbiotic relationship
Whilst I agree that the quality of games is more important than what technology they are being played on, the two things are inseparably intertwined.

The whole reason they are making new consoles is to make for newer, better, more immersive experiences.

Better visuals and performance play a huge part in creating immersive experiences. If this wasn’t the case, we would all be still playing on an Atari VCS console or something.

Better visuals create a more immersive world that we can move around within, with more detailed characters, better, more realistic lighting, and physics etc. Better performance also enhances fluidity of the images in terms of frame rates, which in turn is immersive as our eyes see something more akin to real-world we are familiar with, and more importantly, the controls are more responsive and fluid, making the game better to play.

More and faster RAM will allow for higher resolution images and more detailed textures, again enhancing image quality and making the world feel more immersive and believable.

Faster hard drives will allow for information to be streamed quicker, making for less loading times, meaning potentially players can explore open worlds with less interruptions to their exploration.

Better CPU means better draw calls from GPU, and in turn more detailed animation, higher frame rates, more non-player characters, more detailed physics, and artificial intelligence, which in turn are all part of the immersive experiences developers create.

It won’t make games fun obviously, that’s not something that exists within technical specifications, but these technical aspects are fundamental to creating immersive experiences.

You cite Nintendo as a bastion of not obsessing with better technology, but that only came later with Wii, Wii U, and to some extent the Switch.

Prior to that they pushed technical boundaries. They decided to opt out of the tech race and concentrate on selling their first party games on their hardware, but even with the Switch, it was relatively cutting edge tech for a mobile device. And they have needed this to get game developers back on board after Wii U bombed.

They concentrate on hardware they want to push their vision of games, but even they realised that they couldn’t get developers on board with making games if their hardware couldn’t support the titles being developed.


Guybrush Threepwod approved
I just looked on Amazon recently for 3DS games, as I have had a 3DS quite a long time now and I have played a lot of games for it and I thought I would have a look to see if there was anything that I really wanted to play that I hadn’t played. So I typed in ‘3DS games’ and on the first page I got this, which is obviously pirate software.

So I am going to contact Amazon customer support to let them know. This is not the only type of item
listed as there are others too in the recommendations from Amazon Marketplace sellers.
Andrew J.

GC: Yep, that’s blatantly pirated.


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Counting the flops
A few letters in the Inbox recently have made the assertion that gamers who are into discussing the hardware side of gaming are missing the point of gaming. I love the hardware side and the implications it has for the games running on it, but it in no way impairs my ability to enjoy and appreciate games.

I’m mainly into single-player games but love that online gaming allows me to have regular play sessions with my nephew who lives 300 miles away. Really enjoy skill-based games, ones that have a move-set to learn and hone. I surprised myself last year through Sony’s My PlayStation Life thing to find I had 1,366 hours logged (been playing it for four years) in Rayman Legends, mainly playing the challenges. I’m currently first on the PlayStation 4 in the weekly extreme challenge.

Fanboyism has meant there’s been plenty of inane arguments in gaming history about the capability of one machine over another but that sort of misguided zealousness doesn’t reside on GC’s pages. The letter the other day saying the Switch had proved that hardware doesn’t matter failed to point out the Switch can only deliver on its USP, and deliver console level gaming on the go this gen, when the hardware is small enough, energy efficient enough, cost efficient and powerful enough to do so. Last gen the Switch wasn’t possible because the hardware either wasn’t there or was too expensive.

That’s misconstruing his point a bit, as I think he meant it’s not how many flops you got but what you do with them that’s important. He’s right but I don’t think many who are into the hardware side on GC would argue that point.

Zelda: Breath Of The Wild is currently my game of this generation, I bought a second-hand Wii U when it released to play it, but I still can’t wait to pour over the ins and outs of the next gen hardware. Call me boring if you wish but don’t tell me I’m missing the point of gaming because I enjoy doing that.


Inbox also-rans
I don’t want to bring up an old argument necessarily, but by gods the Xbox Series X. Long, awkward to type out, with no obvious way to shorten it and far too similar to the Xbox One X. I literally have no idea what Microsoft were thinking.

Do you have any idea when Panzer Dragoon remake is coming to the Nintendo Switch? I haven’t heard anything in months. It hasn’t been canned has it?
Dark Anima

GC: We had this exact same question two days ago. It’s been delayed till sometime later this year.


This week’s Hot Topic
The question for this weekend’s Inbox was suggested by reader Hammeriron, who asks what’s your favourite online multiplayer game?

It can be any game on any format, regardless of whether it also has single-player or offline components. What is it about the game you like so much and how much have you played it? Has the game been running for a long time and if so when did you start and how regularly do you return to it?

In general, how much do you enjoy other online multiplayer titles and is your favourite a one-off of just one of many similar games? If it’s part of a series how often do you buy new entries in the franchise and if it’s unlike your normal taste in games why do you think that is?

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