GameStop Pro Membership Now Includes $5 Monthly Coupon, Replacing 10% Discount On Used Games

GameStop PowerUp Rewards Pro members are about to see a major change to their benefits. The games retailer announced today that all Pro members will now receive a $5 monthly coupon as a key benefit of their membership. The $5 coupon is replacing another popular benefit where members could get 10% off used games and accessories. This 10% discount is no longer available.

The $5 certificate is an in-store-only promotion and can be redeemed on “pretty much everything in the store,” GameStop told GameSpot. This includes new games, pre-owned games, accessories, hardware, collectibles, in-game currency, full-game downloads, and more. Unfortunately, the $5 coupon expires every month, so you’ll need to use it or lose it.

It’s no secret that this change was on the way–GameStop has been testing out the benefit in select stores since last summer, and according to the retailer, it saw a double-digit increase in Pro membership sign-ups as a result. “Based on customer feedback, our PowerUp Rewards Pro-level membership has evolved to provide our most loyal customers the opportunity to choose how they want to be rewarded,” Frank Hamlin, chief customer officer, said in a press release.

GameStop increased the price of PowerUp Rewards Pro membership from $15 to $20 a year last year. However, if you opt for a digital copy of Game Informer instead of the physical magazine, you can drop your price back down to $15. The monthly coupon program comes out to $60 reward credit annually; however, for some gamers who often buy used games and accessories at GameStop, the 10% discount may have been much more valuable long-term.

Here’s an overview of everything the PowerUp Rewards Pro membership includes now:

  • $5 monthly coupon ($60 annually, must be redeemed monthly)
  • Instant $5 coupon as a welcome gift for signing up
  • Choice of two Pro membership levels: $20 with physical Game Informer, $15 for digital version
  • Exclusive offers and savings during Pro Day sales
  • 20 points for every dollar spent (free members get 10 points for every dollar)
  • 10% extra trade credit on games, accessories, and tech
  • Auto-renewal option to avoid lapse in membership
  • Option to donate points to charity (Make-A-Wish and Extra Life)

With the rise of digital gaming, it’s been rough times for GameStop, which has seen plummeting stock prices, store closures, and employee layoffs over the past year. In an attempt to turn things around, GameStop has relaunched its website (absorbing ThinkGeek in the process), leaned harder into collectibles, and tested new pilot stores focused on competitive gaming, retro games and hardware, and more. The new PowerUp Rewards Pro membership benefits are the first of many changes we’re sure to see more of this year. But with Xbox Series X and PS5 on the way, it remains to be seen whether the brick-and-mortar retailer will sink or swim with the next generation of hardware.

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