Genshin Impact: All Weekly Bosses, Ranked

Boss fights are oftentimes the most memorable moments to be found inside story-based games and Genshin Impact is no exception. Hours upon hours of farming weaker enemies, leveling up gear, and practicing your best combos finally culminate in a climactic clash against one of the game's biggest, baddest enemies. These fights are often long and grueling, but the satisfaction of beating them is second to none.

Good boss encounters often make for good games and that's the case with Genshin Impact. We take a look at all the Weekly Bosses in the widely popular adventure game that features its fair share of infamous evildoers. Here's every Weekly Boss in Genshin Impact, ranked by how exciting, challenging, and compelling their fights are.

6 Andrius

Andrius, Dominator of Wolves, had his moment to shine at the end of Razor's Story Quest, but unfortunately he hasn't aged too well since then. The fight's first phase is tragically one-dimensional, consisting almost entirely of Andrius charging or leaping towards you and slashing once or twice with his claws. His incessant movement during this phase also requires you to chase him around constantly, and it largely invalidates your characters' stationary abilities, such as Bennett's Elemental Burst.

After you eventually manage to chase Andrius down and trigger phase two, you're rewarded with a second phase that's not much more interesting than the first one. He moves around less, sure, but you'll still have to deal with his Anemo and Cryo immunity, as well as his janky hitboxes. The Wolf of the North isn't particularly tanky, but the fight drags on way longer than it needs to, with not enough challenging mechanics to keep you engaged the whole time. Sorry Andrius, but there's a reason you don't have your own Teleport Waypoint.

5 Dvalin

Dvalin, also known as Stormterror (or Venti's best friend), is another fight from the beginning of Genshin Impact that holds up rather questionably. Admittedly, this boss encounter gets a lot of credit for its initial introduction. The story builds up beautifully to this moment in which you finally free Dvalin from his torment and save Mondstadt. The cutscenes are suitably epic, the arena is large and dynamic, and the fight is actually difficult during your first attempt.

The longer you play Genshin Impact, though, the less this fight feels like a momentous climax and the more it feels like a benchmark to see if your team can defeat Dvalin in less than three milliseconds. As your team grows stronger throughout your journey, Dvalin becomes incredibly weak, to the point where 90 percent of the fight's mechanics can be skipped entirely. At least this means he's a fast way to farm boss materials, but it genuinely undermines the significance that the confrontation had originally.

4 Azhdaha

Azhdaha, Lord of Vishaps, is the boss you'll face at the end of Zhongli's second Story Quest. The entire questline is dedicated to establishing the mysterious, ancient character of Azhdaha, and his grand reveal does not disappoint. From the imposing underground arena to the swelling soundtrack, everything about this encounter signals that a battle for the ages is about to begin.

Even better, the fight itself largely lives up to its lofty expectations. Azhdaha roams the battlefield with might and ferocity, constantly threatening your team with a variety of attacks that will keep you on your toes. The fact that Azhdaha will randomly imbue himself with elements further adds to the complexity and replayablity of this encounter, making sure each week's challenge is as engaging as the last. The only downside to this fight is how harshly it punishes you for not bringing a shielder, turning a tough yet enjoyable fight into a deadly and frustrating slog.

3 Childe

Squaring off against Childe, the Eleventh Fatui Harbinger, is an awesome scene that comes at the culmination of a strong storyline. After working side by side with Childe for several missions, you slowly uncover his nefarious plans before being thrust into a high-stakes duel with the Snezhnayan scoundrel.

Childe's boss fight features his signature Riptide mechanic, giving you a clear win-condition as you try to cleanse this status from your characters and avoid Childe's supercharged attacks. Childe doesn't waste your time either, always rushing towards you to unleash one of the dozens of attacks in his arsenal. When you combine this fight's intense pacing with Childe's three distinct forms—one of which launches an entire whale at you—you have the recipe for a boss fight that is fast, flashy, and fair.

2 Signora

Signora, Number Eight of the Fatui Harbingers, may be deceased for the moment, but her boss fight remains as one of Genshin Impact's best. Set before Raiden Shogun's throne, this fight pits you against the Crimson Witch of Flames with both of your lives on the line. Signora has been a wicked force in the game's story since the beginning, so finally having the chance to take her down represents a long-awaited moment for many players.

Signora's fight itself is worthy of the hype demanded by the story. Signora's first phase tasks you with overcoming her chilling attacks and frosty defenses, encouraging you to use Pyro characters and keep your team safe from frostbite. When Signora's hubris begins to falter and she emerges in her fiery form, the fight's mechanics flip, forcing you to instead stay cool amidst the heat of her desperate onslaught. The duality of this encounter necessitates creative team-building, while the fight's constrained arena and temperature mechanics demand your best performance. This boss fight is innovative and exciting, and replaying Signora's demise sends chills down your spine every time.

1 Magatsu Mitake Narukami No Mikoto

More commonly referred to as "Boss Raiden," Magatsu Mitake Narukami no Mikoto is the latest in the line of Genshin Impact's Weekly Bosses, and her encounter represents the very best this game has to offer. This boss fight lets you participate in a metaphysical duel between Ei and Raiden Shogun that lasted over 500 years as Ei tried to wrestle back authority from her eternity-obsessed puppet.

This fight's setting is simple yet striking, evoking the hostile eternity that Ei's consciousness is trapped in. Raiden Shogun is also the fiercest opponent players have had to face in this game, with her attacks easily substantiating the legends about her slaying gods and slicing entire islands in half. Raiden's repertoire of attacks is vast, her speed is staggering, and her Baleful Shadowlord form will punish you harshly for slipping up. Nevertheless, Raiden has predictable vulnerability states and straightforward mechanics that ensure her fight is always challenging but never frustrating. This boss fight would not look out of place in a Soulsborne game, and it truly shows off how much Genshin Impact's developers have learned since the game's release.

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