Geoff Keighley Is Really Building Up Wednesday's Summer Games Fest Stream

The Summer Game Fest, a season filled with game announcements and reveals lead by Geoff Keighley, has added a new stream on Wednesday, May 13. And according to Keighley, it’s one of the most important events of the season.

The stream was added to the Summer Game Fest schedule yesterday. The listing doesn’t reveal much, aside from the stream being a showcase followed by an interview session with Keighley. The stream will go live at 11 AM ET/ 8 AM PT.

Responding to a question on Twitter about whether this second event would be “fun and cool” in the same way that Keighley described today’s announcement, the host replied, “Wednesday is one of the more important moments this summer.”

Considering both Microsoft and Sony have new consoles on the horizon with the Xbox Series X and PS5 respectively, and many studios presumably have projects to announce for next-generation hardware, Keighley could be hinting at many possibilities.

With E3 cancelled, most publishers have moved towards hosting their own online events throughout the summer. Ubisoft just confirmed its own digital showcase in July, while Microsoft have committed to hosting Inside Xbox every month under Xbox 20/20. GameSpot is also hosting numerous events through the summer with multiple publishers as part of Play For All.

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