Ghost of Tsushima Fans Discuss What They Want From A Sequel

In case you missed the news, Sucker Punch recently put out a notice that it's looking for workers to help it make an open-world stealth game. As much as we Sly Cooper fans hope that a revival is underway, it's more than likely a sequel to Ghost of Tsushima that Sucker Punch is not so subtly referring to. This got fans of the first game discussing what they'd like to see in a potential sequel, and they've whipped up a pretty long list for Sucker Punch to work through.

First started over on ResetEra by user BoJack, a steady stream of fans gave their opinions on what they'd like to see, but one of the more common requests shared by quite a few people was the addition of a fully built-up city to explore. It's true that a lot of Ghost of Tsushima takes place out in the countryside – apart from the odd fortress here and there – and fans want a bustling city for the game's protagonist to sneak and slaughter their way through.

Another user named Veelk had a more practical suggestion for Sucker Punch to consider, and that's improved Japanese voice acting and subtitles. The Japanese lip-syncing in Ghost of Tsushima was a pretty hot button back when the game first launched, as those who have played the game know it was designed to be an authentic historical experience. Japanese translations were slightly off and Sony even ended up charging for improved lip sync as part of Ghost of Tsushima: Director's Cut. Veelx would like these improved in the sequel, along with a way to read the subtitles easier.

There are plenty of other requests to sift through, one of which is user Desma asking for more animals to follow other than foxes. A couple of wilder suggestions include user PlanetSmasher who would like a pretty sizable time jump into the future, possibly exploring a different period of Japanese history with a whole new protagonist, and user Host Samurai who wants the sequel to do away with historical accuracy altogether and focus more on the supernatural elements as seen in the game's multiplayer modes. Good luck Sucker Punch, you've definitely got your work cut out for you.

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