GIVEAWAY: Custom Nintendo Switch OLED From Mini Motorways

Mini Motorways just announced its arrival on the Nintendo Switch today during the Indie World showcase, and to celebrate, TheGamer is giving away a brand-new Switch OLED with a custom Mini Motorways skin to one lucky winner. Be sure to follow our social media channels for more info.

For those who haven’t heard of Mini Motorways, it’s a puzzle game where you try to build efficient traffic systems and prevent jams for as long as possible. The longer you go without congestion, the more points you get.

It doesn’t take long before Mini Motorways looks like a real traffic simulator. Your little color-coded cars head to similarly colored buildings to pick up pins. Your score is based on how many pins those cars are able to pick up. Pins accumulate on buildings over time, so it’s important for streets to be designed as efficiently as possible so your cars can quickly pick up those pins. If a building fills up on pins, a time starts, and you have to scramble to fix your traffic problems post-haste before the game ends.

Of course, taming traffic is more than just laying down digital concrete. Mini Motorways provides players with tools like traffic lights, bridges, tunnels, roundabouts, and highways to ensure your colored cars are able to get to their desired destinations as quickly as possible.

Mini Motorways first released on Apple Arcade in 2019 where it became one of the platform’s most popular titles. It later made the drive to PC last summer, and now it’s finally arriving at its true destination, the Nintendo Switch.

You should see Mini Motorways on the Nintendo Store now, and be sure to stay tuned to TheGamer’s Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages for details on how to win a Nintendo Switch OLED.

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