Glow Squid Is The New Mob Being Added To Minecraft

During the Minecraft Live event, there were two rounds of community voting on Twitter. Many people thought that the Iceologer would be a shoo-in for the game, given that it would have fit in perfectly with the Caves and Cliffs update. Ultimately, however, the community decided that the Glow Squid is the new mob being added to Minecraft.

With over 800,000 votes cast in the first round of voting, the Glow Squid eeked out a win with 36.9% of the vote, compared to the Iceologer, which received 34.8% of the vote. Of course, the second round of voting removed the Moobloom mob, so it was down to just the Iceologer and the Glow Squid.

The second round of voting really displayed the divergent opinions on which mob should be added. Half-way through the polling time—and with over 600,000 votes cast—the Glow Squid was winning by over 30,000 votes (or 52.7% of the total vote) against the Iceologer’s 47.3%.

The additional 10 minutes of the poll didn’t change anything. With over 750,000 votes cast, the percentages stayed the same and the Glow Squid is now officially going to be part of the Minecraft world. The rest of the Minecraft Live update included tons of new information about the Cave and Cliff update, including bundles—a new way to help manage your inventory, which operate like Shulker boxes.

The Caves and Cliffs update is an update that is on par with the Nether update. It is bringing items to the overworld that will change the way that the game can be played. This kind of major update to the overworld is sure to bring new players into the game and also entice veterans to return to the world that they may have left.

Of course, there is a lot that is going to be worth exploring underground as well. Now, there will be a reason to go underground and discover a hidden world under the earth. It’s great to see the first half of Minecraft—mining—getting an update. We are very excited to see what the final version of the update will look like.

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