God Of War Ragnarok Merch Now Points To October Release

A lot of information was revealed across Summer Game Fest, and the road map when it comes to release dates for the rest of 2022 and into 2023 is now a lot clearer. However, while there were plenty of games people were hoping to see across a weekend of presentations, there was once again no sign of God of War Ragnarok. To make matters worse, the merch line attached to the sequel has now added another release date to the pile.

First shared on ResetEra, more Raganarok merchandise has reared its head online. The new lines, which include a t-shirt and two uncharacteristically adorable soft toys, have October 2022 release dates attached. That's a month later than the previously leaked release date of September 2022 which other Ragnarok merch lines were slapped with a short while ago.

Leading the way is a rather odd t-shirt with a very long quote on it and not much else. There's also a World Serpent plush, and one of an octopus that appears to have been given the name Dinner. Possibly a reference to Kratos threatening to eat the character in the game. As for where you might first meet Dinner, the octopod can be seen on Durlin's shoulder in the trailer below.

As well as a September launch, and now an October one too, there have been signs that Ragnarok will finally arrive on PS5 in November, and also not until the very end of 2022. However, the longer PlayStation takes to make one of these many release dates official, the more God of War fans will start to worry. The rest of 2022 is still looking pretty barren, and Ragnarok might be the only upcoming title capable of stealing the Game of the Year crown from Elden Ring.

The reveal of The Last Of Us Part One might be an indicator of roughly when we can expect Ragnarok to arrive, regardless of when its accompanying merch might become available. TLOU's remaster will be here on September 1. PlayStation won't want to launch it and Ragnarok too close together, so the merch lines being moved from September to October actually makes sense.

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