God Of War: Where To Find The Hunter’s Kingdom Treasure

Collectibles in most games are ways of thoroughly exploring the areas of a game to see what secrets they have to offer. God of War has its share of collectibles as well. The game has lore markers, shrines, and more that you will encounter during your playthrough. Most of these collectibles do not give items – however, you can also find treasures in the game. These buried riches will get you the materials that you need to upgrade your gear or equipment.

There are a total of 12 treasures in the game. To find them, you must first find the treasure maps, which will give you a hint to the location of the treasure which is buried.

Where to find The Hunter’s Kingdom Treasure Map

You will have to make your way to the Lookout Tower in the Lake of Nine. Once you dock your boat, look straight to find a Nornir Chest. Look to your right to find the treasure map on the ground nearby.

The map will appear in the Goals tab under the Treasure map sub-tab. The next thing you need to do is to find the treasure.

Location of The Hunter’s Kingdom Treasure

The treasure map in your inventory will read as follow:

"Motsognir, ruler of man and beast. I came to his kingdom to learn if he had obtained the ingredients to forge the Armor of Legend. All I found was death and sorrow. I leave this offering in memory of those who suffered in the Dwarf’s King’s quest for glory."

The clue hints at the Dwarven Kingdom that will lead you to Veithurgard. Once you reach the area outside the entrance to the temple, you will see a puzzle at the gate. Go left to find a Lore Marker and the buried treasure. The treasure is right behind the fallen statue head lying on the ground.

Collecting the treasure will get you one Leiptr Alloy, one Rare Enchantment, 6,000+ Hacksilver, and five Solid Svartalfheim Steel.

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