Godfall: How To Defeat Lunara

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Godfall has a bunch of bosses, but only a handful of them are truly game-defining brawls with enemies capable of dispatching you with ease. Lunara is one such foe and joins the ranks of Solaris and Zamora. If you haven’t eliminated her lackeys, it’s highly recommended that you do so before you go toe-to-toe with Lunara.

Lunara combines the magical devastation of Zamora and the physical prowess of Solaris to create something altogether more difficult. Lunara is a Moon-based murder robot, and you’ve stepped into its domain. You are going to have to contend with attacks that come from here, there, and just about everywhere if you are going to come out on top this time.

Lunara’s Attacks

Lunara is a beast at every range. It can scrap with you up close, destroy you from a range, and has a bunch of extra mechanics that make dealing with either of those scenarios more difficult. Lunara has a sword and shield in hand and the power of a celestial body at her beck and call.

To make matters worse, she even has two phases, which expand upon Lunara’s already extensive repertoire of attacks.

Phase One

ChargeLunara quickly charges at Orin, crossing a large distance and dealing heavy damage. Lunara will always start the fight by doing this attack.The moment you see this attack come out, be ready to dodge. This attack is surprisingly fast and can catch you off guard if you aren’t expecting the fight to start with it.
Shield Orb Lunara raises her shield and quickly fires a purple orb at Orin. This attack comes out fast, but the projectile itself is slightly slower.This attack, like most ranged attacks, can be parried and sent back to Lunara. You can also dodge through it. This attack doesn’t have the clearest tell, so it can be difficult to anticipate it, especially if you are close to Lunara.
Orb OrbitLunara will summon orbs that will orbit around it. These orbs will deal decent damage, increase in speed as the fight rages on, and can knock Orin down.Like with Lunara’s shield-based orb, this attack can be parried. The orbit is quite wide too, so you can also dodge through the orbs and then get into striking distance. Beware that Lunara can fall back, putting you directly in line with her orbit.
Summon Darkmoon ShadesLunara will occasionally summon Darkmoon Shades to assist it in combat. These shades are immune to damage (for the most part) making them a pain to deal with. Their damage is also pretty high for a minion, and they can hinder your offense and defense quite effectively.The Darkmoon Shades need to die as soon as possible. They are too much of a nuisance to keep alive. To damage them, you need to parry their Perilous Attack which is indicated by the blue flash.

Phase Two

Once Lunara has lost 50 percent of its HP, it will enter Phase Two. Lunara will be more aggressive, many of her attacks will be more powerful, faster, and in the case of her orbits, come with more orbs AND additional orbital rings. Lunara also gains new attacks that need to be accounted for.

Orb RingLunara will summon a ring of orbs and then fire them at Orin. These orbs deal decent damage, move at a medium speed, and will stop at various points on the battlefield. After a while, if the Orbs aren’t destroyed, they will turn into Darkmoon Shades.This attack is especially frustrating to deal with. You can avoid the orbs very easily by walking through the large gaps, or you can parry an orb to send it back to Lunara. It’s highly advised that you shatter the remaining orbs before they transform into Darkmoon Shades.
Perilous Attack – Lunge Lunara will occasionally flash blue and then lunge at Orin. This attack deals high damage and will knock Orin back.This attack can be parried, leaving Lunara vulnerable to a counterattack.
Levitation RingLunara will conjure a large ring on the ground beneath it. After a brief windup, Orin will be launched into the air and left defenseless to Lunara (and any Shades) attacks.This attack requires a quick trigger finger, as you don’t have a lot of time to escape before you are caught in the trap. Quickly dodge backward (multiple times if you have to) and get out of the circle.
Sword/Shield AttacksLunara will occasionally slam the ground with its shield or swing its sword at Orin. These attacks deal heavy damage.These attacks are only used when you are close to Lunara and have pretty clear telegraphs. Dodge these attacks when you see them coming.

Preparing For Battle

Complete The Hunts

Before you fight Lunara, you should take the time to complete the three hunts that contain her lackeys. These minibosses are challenging in their own right, but if left alive, will make Lunara much more difficult to kill.

  • Thraex: Evade and Parry windows shortened by 25%
  • Sobeku: -20% Damage Dealt
  • Falcius Diarch: -75% Ailment Power


There are two skill trees you want to go down for this fight, and those are the Finesse and Weak Point trees. Finesse will improve your dodge substantially, giving you access to a very handy slide. Weak Points will display openings on Lunaras body after it has attacked, giving you a clear indication of when to attack. These attacks deal bonus damage to boot.

Battle Strategy

Lunara is a tricky boss to get through. It has attacks that cover every conceivable situation, and you have to be ready to react and counter each and every one of them. The main plan here, however, is to get in close and lay the smackdown.

Lunara is a potent combatant who is threatening at all ranges, but her close combat abilities are not as impressive as her overwhelming ranged ones. Fast weapons are great for this fight, such as Polearms and Dual Blades, as you can zip in, attack, and be able to dodge without much delay.

That being said, Heavy Weapons are very effective against Lunara too, simply because they can deal immense damage to any Weak Points that you strike. Hammers are incredibly good for this role, so consider bringing a nimble weapon, and a big stick to cover all of your bases.

Remember that you reflect Lunara’s orbs, dealing additional damage. These won’t win you the fight, but they deal a surprising amount of damage when they land. Whilst on the subject of orbs, remember to destroy any orbs that linger on the battlefield. These will turn into Darkmoon Shades, and you don’t want to deal with them whilst fighting Lunara if you can help it.

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