Good Puppy: Ruiner Is Coming To Switch

Top-down cyberpunk shooter Ruiner is coming to the Nintendo Switch “soon.”

There’s not enough cyberpunk in the world these days. That’s likely to change with the upcoming release of Cyberpunk 2077 on April 16th, but if you’re a Switch gamer, you’ll be sadly unable to join in on the cyberpunk goodness.

While Cyberpunk 2077 might be out of the Switch’s reach, Ruiner‘s arrival might at least scratch that cyberpunk itch in the meantime.

In a recent tweet from their official Twitter account, Reikon Games revealed that Ruiner is heading to the Switch. ”You asked, we deliver,” wrote Reikon. “It took a while, but we’re almost there. Get ready.”

Reikon didn’t provide us with a specific release date and instead gave us “01010011 01001111 01001111 01001110,” which is the binary code for “soon.” Great.

If you’ve never heard of Ruiner, the game was originally released for PC, PS4, and Xbox in 2017 and is basically a top-down shooter a la Hotline Miami but with a very cyberpunk atmosphere. You play as an assassin called “Puppy” in the sprawling metropolis of Rengkok (which is sort of like Bangkok, only with worse Thai food). You’ve been hired to murder the owner of a massive international conglomerate known only as “the Boss” by a rogue hacker named Wizard, but just as you arrive to do the deed, plans change unexpectedly. Political intrigue and a TON of violence ensue.

You’ll get all the great cyberpunk tropes, from homicidal AI to virtual reality to cyborgs. And of course, guns. Lots of guns.

In our review, Jamie said that “Ruiner has some fun fights, but it’s sadly more shallow than it initially appears.” While the action, music, and boss fights were all great, there wasn’t a lot of variety to break up the monotony. All the enemies and levels sort of blended together, while the plot was less than inspired.

Ruiner is still a worthy romp, and if you’re looking for a shooter on the Switch, you cold do worse. Stay tuned to the Ruiner Twitter account for more info.

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