Gotham Knights Has Been Delayed To 2022, Feels Batman

The official Gotham Knights Twitter page has just announced that Gotham Knights has been delayed into 2022.

A statement on Twitter highlights that the game will now be launching worldwide in 2022, rather than the unspecified 2021 that the game had been dated with since its reveal. The statement goes on to say that the delay is to allow “the best possible experience for players” and promises that the game will be shown off some more in the coming months.

To anyone who’s been keeping up with Gotham Knights, this probably doesn’t come as any surprise. The game has only been shown once, which was its reveal, and updates have been incredibly slim since. Even before the game was revealed, it had fans waiting in anticipation for over a year with cryptic messages and symbols.

Couple that with the fact that the game was announced and developed during the Covid-19 pandemic, and it starts to make a lot more sense why the game hasn’t been shown off much. This likely won’t be the last game delayed into next year, although it does have a big impact on Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment’s scheduled titles.

This marks the second big Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment delay of 2021, with Hogwarts Legacy also having been delayed just a few months ago. That now leaves Back 4 Blood, which will hopefully still be on track to release in June of this year, and Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, which remains undated as of now.

Similarly to the Hogwarts Legacy delay, this one also contains a new screenshot of the game, showing off some sort of meeting table in the Court of Owls, as made evident by the stuffed owl hanging from the ceiling and the emblem on the glass above. It’s a small bit of sugar-coating to make the delay feel a little better.

Most of the details we know about Gotham Knights have come from interviews since the game was revealed. One such interview revealed that the game had rebuilt its combat system to focus on cooperative play, whilst another revealed that the game was building its own lore separate from that of the original Arkham games.

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