GreekGodx Officially Signs With TSM In Texas-Themed Announcement Video

GreekGodx has secured a position on Team SoloMid, jumping on board as a content creator for the organization. The announcement comes via a heavily Texas-themed YouTube video in which Greek showcases a flawless southern accent, trying to sell his full assimilation into the state’s culture.

The production features scenic camera shots, intense Spaghetti-Western music, and GreekGodx arriving on horseback. Teamed up with his non-compliant steed “Rusty,” the Twitch streamer went out of his way to use regional terms such as “tarnation,” “y’all,” and – of course – “yee.” Top-notch production value aside, he promised to bring more content to his followers and thanked TSM for helping him make his new tenure in America possible.

Fans were not surprised by the announcement, yet were excited nevertheless; This is mainly because Greek is now less likely to bail on streams –  something he developed a reputation for in the past.

Others were legitimately impressed with the video’s quality and Greek’s dedication to the role. As a Texan myself, I can confirm that his imitation of a southern accent was pretty good (and yes, we definitely still ride horses everywhere.)

TSM is extending their reach over esports and streaming talent, holding nothing back in the realm of recruitment and acquisition. Towards the end of 2019, the team picked up Kobbe to complete their competitive League of Legends rosters and streamer TannerSlays to help maintain their dominate presence in Apex Legends. With Greek added to the pack, TSM will undoubtedly enjoy the streamer’s talent for variety streaming (and tendency to cause chaos).

Greek received a warm welcome from fellow streamers and TSM members, both Myth and TimTheTatman among the many to extend their congratulations.

Not everyone was fully excited for Greek’s recent move, however; When Tyler1 was asked about the news, he didn’t sugarcoat his worries about the growing streamer.

Love him or hate him, fans can count on more upcoming content from GreekGodx on Twitch. Undoubtedly, TSM is a powerful organization to have as a sponsor, but he will have to deal with a new level of responsibility and accountability as a result.

Sources: YouTube, Twitch, Twitter

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